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The Noni (Indian Mulberry, Hog Apple)

Updated on November 13, 2015

The very first time I knew of Noni was when I was probably about 10 years old. My mom brew a bottle of it but at the time I was not sure of what the actual contents were nor what the actual plant looked like. The taste was an acquired one. In fact, I hated it, not to mention the smell. After a period of time I became used to it and now I love the smell of the fruit itself! My mom used to give me the juice because she believed that it builds the immune system and cleanses the body.

Noni, otherwise called Hog Apple in some countries has numerous amounts of benefits and the juice is being sold, well, almost like the price of honey, at about $15-20 U.S Dollars for every approximately 240ml. Many consider this quite expensive but based researches and the benefits stated by Webmd, it is apperently worth the price.

Benefits of Noni

As my mother rightly claimed, Noni is good for the immune system as it boosts macrophages and strengthens it! As a result, more lymphocytes are produced and it contains agents responsible for fighting bacteria like Escherichia Coli.

It can be used to subdue and manage headaches as it is used as an analgesic. If you are feeling depressed it contains antidepressant agents which stimulates seratonin and melatonin production. It is used to control eczema and ringworm and is said to stimulate nitric oxide production which is anti-tumor\anti-cancerous. Nitric Oxide actually reduces the chances of developing cancer and is said to fight against cancer replicating cells.

Do You Study ALOT? Well if you study a lot, noni helps to improve memory because it contains a high quantity of phytosterols. According to Webmd, a research suggested that noni consumption helps to reduce neck pains and improve neck flexibility, just to name a few. Noni was said to be good for asthma patients, diabetes, nausea, fever, liver disease, digestive problems, gastric ulcers and premenstrual symptoms etc.

However despite the numerous benefits of consuming noni, it is not recommended for pregnant women. One must always consult their medical practitioner before using any drug or herbal product/plants.

How it is Prepared

I have never seen anyone eat a Noni fruit straight from a tree and as such I can only tell you of how it is prepared at home. The ripened fruit (yellow/white skinned in color) is placed in a bag that has holes then another without holes and then a black plastic bag and allowed to ferment. Fermentation takes about 5 days or more until the liquid drains from the fruit. the liquid is then separated from the skin and seeds of the fruit and honey or another fruit is usually used as a sweetener.

Hopefully, this article was enlightening. Thank you for reading!


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