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Raising Body PH for better Health

Updated on January 31, 2012

One of the things that frustrated the hell out of me when I research information and articles for help on the internet is how difficult and technical they have to make a lot of the information. I don’t recommend or try certain remedies or protocols simply because I just flat out do not understand the complex information that is being given.

When you start talking about carbs vs. Complex carbs and omega-3's as appose to omega -6's, ph. balances and saturated fats it's very easy to get lost in the mombo jumbo. I tend to just throw my hands up in frustration. Staying healthy has now become a very important part of our lives, so I'm going to try really hard here to keep things as simple as possible because I want everyone to walk away having some understanding on how things work and how to repair them.

The very first and most important thing on that repair list as far as I'm concerned is your PH. level. Your bodies PH and its balancing are extremely important when it comes to diseases and your health. Even if you decided to do absolutely nothing else but balance your PH you will be way ahead of the game because your good health begins and ends with balancing your ph. levels.

I'm going to give you the simple basics here because information on your bodies ph. can easily fill another book. There are, however, dozens of books, excellent internet articles and groups that are passionate about ph. balancing and are more than willing to help you get further into learning about your bodies ph. and how to get it leveled and balanced. So let’s start with the very basics.

Your body was designed to be Alkaline. You make your body acidic by the foods that you decide to put into it daily. For instance, asparagus is very alkalizing and also contains cancer- fighting chemicals. Asparagus is a great alkalizing food in any form you choose to eat even out of a can! It’s not just the foods that you put into your body that can make it acidic or alkaline but your emotions as well! The emotions that make your body the most acidic are Stress, Fear, anger and Jealousy. These emotions don't feel very good, and they don't make your body feel good either. The emotions that alkaline your body is Meditation, Prayer, Peace, Love and Kindness. Try to imagine that for a minute.

It shouldn’t be too hard for you to figure out which emotions are causing which reaction in your body from here on out. Imagine how acidic your body becomes after a stressful ride into work and being pissed off at your boss or co-worker all day.

In the end, the only one that you are hurting with these emotions is yourself! The ph. in your body can range anywhere between 4.5 and 9.0 the lower the numbers the more acidic your ph. and the higher the numbers the more alkaline. The optimal ph. zone for your blood should remain between 7.35 and 7.50 to remain healthy. Those levels need to be taken a bit higher when trying to stop disease, however. Large portions of the population, for instance, are unaware of the fact that Cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment! Another tip I was completely unaware of is that nothing will fix the ph. In your body faster than good old baking soda!

Testing your ph. is easy, painless and quick. The best part is that you can test in the privacy of your own home without ever seeing a physician. PH test strips are available for purchase at most health- food stores and on-line. These strips are great at giving you hidden insight into your body and letting you know how you’re doing on your ph. journey. The strips are extremely easy to use for both urine and saliva and are very accurate. Most Ph. strips provide results in just 15 seconds. There are a few choices when it comes to ph. strips so choose what works best for you and test as often as you like to keep track of how your health is doing.


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