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The Obamanomics Diet

Updated on January 20, 2011

When the cupboards are bare

There are many of us facing some extremely hard times. Some of us are in this predicament, thanks to Obamanomics, and others for reasons of their own personal bad luck or bad choices.Either way, I thought it might be helpful to offer some survival/diet tips. The diet part is really not any part of a choice, but due to the lack of funds, for many, to buy sufficient groceries,caloric intake will be restricted and physical activity will be increased while scrounging up food ,hunting and struggling even more for other necessities in life.

Some new and experimental meals and delicacies will be necessary. Some will be palatable and some, well let's just say it shouldn't ought to kill you , if you prepare it properly.Things like cattail soup, roadkill stew, grilled armadillo, fenceline asparagus(actually very good), mushrooms(please do your homework on these, you might even want to take a picture guide with you............wouldn't want you to take any "illegal" or permanent one-way trips now), squirrel shish-ka-bob, frog legs(hey, catch and clean your own and you save 8 bucks a pound!),escargot--that's snails in a green sauce for those of you that are not familiar with French-----of course anyone that wants to eat snails can have my share(ugh!), also there is hare of the dog that is if you can get the hare away from the dog,pigeon on a stick,deep fried bat wings--these are sort of like chicken wings, not much to them, but if you use the right batter and a little hot sauce they make a good crunchy treat,and of course there is always dumpster diver potluck. These yummy treats and many others are what's in store ahead. Can you say mmm  mmm  good!

I know there are many cultures that consider bugs and rodents in their diet as normal. Americans, on the other hand ,tend to cringe at the thought of bbq'd rat or eating fried ants or termites like it was popcorn.From what was once a very rich and prosperous nation, American people, I believe, will continue to see more difficult times ahead. There is a declining number of middle class that are entering the class of poor, or shall we say earning challenged. So now, we need to use our forefathers skills to put food on the table. Time to pull out the fishing pole, froggin gig, and the hunting rifle and for the cityfolk there is roadkill, rattraps, and the dumpster just to mention a few sources for fresh? food.

Do you remember the whistling theme song to the old Andy Griffith show?Start practicing puckering your lips and..... Let's all grab our fishing poles, bring the kids along( schools are running out of funds too). The kids can pick berries and some polk salad, and the grownups catch a mess of fish. Now,there's a good supper in the making. mmm mmm good.


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