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The Old Dogs

Updated on April 15, 2015

When you first get a new puppy, you become so totally consumed in its cuteness. Spending every minute you can with this wondrous, minuscule creature. You bring him on walks everyday, and when you finally manage to pry yourself away from the adorableness, he is waiting excitedly to greet you at the door. You put so much time and effort into this puppy; teaching him tricks, potty training, etc. And he never ceases to amaze you with how loving he is.

As time passes, this puppy ages and soon becomes a dog. He grows and matures. With maturity comes more responsibility; you leave him alone for longer periods and gradually spend less and less time admiring his cuteness. You get mad when he pees on the floor, however regardless of how much scolding he receives, he never holds it against you. He’s still going to walk up to you with big sad puppy dog eyes five minutes later in hopes that you’ll forgive him and allow him to crawl onto your lap.

As this dog continues to age, he gets older and older. He can no longer handle the long walks he was once used to and seems to no longer be interested in playtime. Illnesses begin to consume him. As much as you may deny it to yourself, you begin to consider him a hassle. He’s becomes deaf and blind and he can no longer do the simple things he once completed with ease. He requires a lot of care, perhaps more than when he was a puppy. This fragile dog must now be carried up and down stairs and he can no longer greet you at the door. Eventually, you begin walking by him without stopping to say hi. He is there as he has been for so long, and it is simply no longer exciting so much as expected. Regardless, you still do everything you can for him; you love him, no matter the cost. But, even though you love this old dog with all of your heart, you forget to show it.

A lot of friendships tend to resemble the relationships that we carry with our dogs. When a friendship is first blossoming, it is exciting and riveting. You feel as though someone finally understands you and the conversation never stops or dulls. They are informed, as soon as possible, about every event that occurs in your life. When you see a funny video, you are sure to send it to them so that they can laugh along with you.

With the passing of time, however, you both become busy with your lives. You still try to text and call at least once a week and when a major event occurs they are still filled in as soon as possible. But, you don’t have as much time to spend together as you once did. As time continues to pass, lives become busier and busier. Before you know it they are dating someone you have never met, or even heard of. Even though you feel out of the loop, you never worry about losing this friend. You know they will always be there for you, as they always have been.

Sometimes we become so consumed in the events occurring in our own lives that we forget other people’s lives are moving on as well. We ignore that phone call because we have too much going on right now, or we push the dog away because we have a big meeting to prepare for. What we don’t stop to think about is that everything can change in an instant. That call could be that friend with tears in her eyes who just received the diagnosis of stage 4 breast cancer. That dog could be trying to curl up next to you for the last time, as he won’t be waking up in the morning. I am not trying to say that we should always be petrified that your best friend or dog is going to die. However, sometimes we stop caring about the lives of others, as we are too busy with our own lives. I am just trying to remind you to cherish the things that you love, and never cease to remind them of your love.

"Love is when the other person's happiness is more important than your own"

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Dedicated to Buddy, my old dog.


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    • Pawpawwrites profile image


      3 years ago from Kansas

      An important message, and very well put. I got that phone call recently.


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