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The Other Side of 50: Is It Just Me?

Updated on August 7, 2015
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My Mind if Just Full of Questions...
My Mind if Just Full of Questions...
My Mind if Just Full of Questions...

Hello again everyone!

Before I begin this hub, let me just say that I'm pretty sure you don't have to be over 50 to have these questions and thoughts rolling around in your head...but it certainly helps.

I think it's only fair to warn you that the objective isn't to offer solutions to what I'm talking about today, but rather to offer up the question to you adventurous reader "Am I the Only Person Who is Bothered by all of This or Should I get a Stronger Dosage of Cymbalta!?

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Please Get a Belt Already

Okay answer this question...How many times have you seen something like this and just had the urge to either...

  • Smash an aluminum can against your forehead
  • Scream at the top of your lungs "Pull Your Dam Pants Up!"
  • Pull Those Pants Down

My wife's had the last one almost every other day, no matter where we're driving to, while I've wanted to do the second bulleted option. Seriously since when did it become a fashion statement to wear your pants "Below Your Waist?" Are these people just too cheap to get a belt? And if they have a belt...are they just too stupid to understand the belt's purpose?

Well let me enlighten those of you who aren't sure what a belt is's to "Hold Up Your Pants!!"

I'm Just Moments Away From a Road Rage Moment

Does it always seem as if every time your on your way to anywhere, that someone either gets in front of you or is already in front of you with absolutely no inclination to get anywhere in a reasonable time frame...or even worse does someone seem to always be in a hurry, cut in front of you...just to get to that RED LIGHT ahead of you?

Me...after someone beats me to a Red Light!
Me...after someone beats me to a Red Light!

That image to your right is me at almost any moment when I'm driving. It seems as if I'm a magnet that attracts people to me, who are looking to get me to Hulk Out with their horrible driving habits at any given time of day.

And it's not just my imagination because my wife's seen this first hand when I'm driving her to her job or even when we're driving to our local Shop-Rite...that's just maybe seven minutes away from us.

I swear to you it's like these drivers enjoy seeing that one Vein appear across my forehead, and they're all in a race to see who can cause me to have my next brain hemorrhage first!

The Multi-Tasking Driver

How many times have you seen something similar to the pic at the right...while your driving down the road, in the next lane over?

Okay while that may be an extreme picture, and I personally haven't seen that happen yet, but it doesn't mean it doesn't, it just means I haven't seen it yet. But what I have seen are people who talk on their cell phones while they're driving... and I've seen this on local roads and busy highways.

And it annoys me to no end, and it's another one of those things that brings those veins to the front of my forehead. And why does that effect me in such an extreme manner...Because There's a Law That's Been Passed Making It Illegal to drive while your on your phone!!

To all of you out there who like to multi-task as you drive, how about you save a life and do your multi-tasking at your job or even better take all that creative gadget ambi-dexterity and use it at home to attack that chore list your better half has waiting for you!

The Joys of Summer
The Joys of Summer

Summer Joy!

After a long winter, where here in the east, we usually have some pretty bad winters with all the snow, ice, and cold that fickle mother nature can deliver to us at her fickle whim, the summer season is a joy to see arrive. For me personally the first spark of the summer season is when I see our local "Ritas" open.

This year though while Ritas was open during it's usual seasonal time, mother nature I'm afraid had other ideas, so I didn't start enjoying their flavorful bliss until late last month. But there have been other things that I've been able to enjoy.

The feel of the spring thaw, with it's gentle breezes delicately wrapping me in their embraces while driving with my car with the windows open, all the while listening to one of my favorite CDs.

The delicious tastes of fruit like ripe red or green grapes, chunks of sweet pineapple (which it seems someone in my house fini9shed on me!) favorite summer drinks like apple ales and twisted teas, and of co urse all of those cold freezer treats like ice cream and frozen ices.

Honestly the spring and summer months have always been my favorite times of the year ever since I was a kid, and the memories they bring back are priceless to me now more then ever...since I've strolled to the other side of 50.


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 2 years ago from The Caribbean

      I got scared just looking at that multi-task driver. As for the belts, we have to spend time teaching kids how to use them. It's not just you. We, over 50, just lived wiser in our youth than these do nowadays.