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The Other Side of 50:Do Your Kids Really Know More Then You Do?

Updated on July 29, 2015
Is He Really Smarter Then You?
Is He Really Smarter Then You?

This may not be a good example...

Hi there!

My name is Lew Newmark, and I have several hubs here on Hub Pages. After taking some time away from here (and writing in general) I'm back and I wanted to share what I like to refer to as my real life observations about living after we turn 50.

Hopefully I bring a smile to your face as I poke some fun at myself and others as we discover together "The Other Side of 50!"

I don't know about the rest of you but I didn't get away with much growing up as a kid, I really didn't. I was an only child, from a divorced couple, and I eventually wound up with a step dad (who I very quickly would come to know as, and call my dad) but there was no quarter shown me as "that" child growing up...and no, I wasn't even close to being spoiled either!

My Step Dad the Strict Italian

My mom met my step dad when I was still fairly young, and honestly when I first met him...I didn't like him, but I think most kids my age, it that sort of situation probably had the same reaction to that first introduction...who's this guy, and why's he hanging around my mom?

His name was Lou too, although my name was better because it was spelled "Lew." Back then I wouldn't be able to place what it was that was wrong at that moment in time, but I think it may have had something to do with the fact that this guy looked like a mini-mobster.

He was a little taller than me (again I was a youngster, and when I got that "Growth Spurt" well all of sudden I was taller than him...not that it me! ) but I digress here because that growth spurt didn't happen before this mom and this new guy were going to get married!

My Unintended Looney Tunes Moment

So I found myself at the steps to our local city hall, with my mom, this guy named Lou, and his best friend at the time, and the best friend's wife and kids. This guy (the best friend) was teasing me and saying things that ME being the naive kid that I was back then started to take this guy's ill-conceived advice and started to pop off before the wedding ceremony...and what a mistake that would turn out to be for because little did I heed the warning uttered by my soon to be step dad.

It went something like this..."Louie if you keep it up, I'm going to slap you," but I didn't think he would do that...I mean my mom was right there! Needless to say I not only got my first slap from him...before the ceremony even happened, I also thought I saw stars and little birdies flying around my head, just like in those old Looney Tunes cartoons!

My Daughter the College Graduate

32 years ago my wife gave birth to our daughter...and on the second day god created....? Okay so I wanted to give all of you a look at my upbringing so that you can better understand where I'll be leading you dear reader of this hub...we pretty much raised our daughter almost totally the opposite of how my wife and I were raised.

Only child! Oh she must be spoiled, and not just by her parents oh no! My dad and mom (referred to here as "The Grandparents") spoiled her rotten. Whatever our daughter wanted you can bet your bippy she got. And if she didn't get it from her parents, she got it from her "Grandparents."

What she didn't get from either her parents or her grandparents though is her unerring ability to be constantly right...even when it's proven to her that she's not!

So here's the issue I have with this little problem intrepid reader (and possibly if you have a child you can relate to this not so little problem) while my daughter, the "Apple of my Eye" may have graduated from college, and I did not that doesn't make her smarter than yours truly.

I Have Some "College knowledge" Thank You

For all of you parents out there who are just like me, it's time for a revolution! We shall no longer tolerate the eye ball rolling, the snide comments that are meant to put us in our respective places.

No I say, I do have some College Knowledge, and I plan on using it...sometime, if I can remember it!

Seriously do you ever find yourself in a conversation with your child about a subject that you have wayyyyyy more experience in because you've actually either done something in the realm they happen to be talking about, or your currently doing something that lets say you’re getting paid to do...without that degree they have...and they're not getting paid for doing the thing you’re doing, but they should be!?

My Life Experience Trumps Your Book Smarts

So here's how to deal with a child who thinks they know everything there is to know about everything...just calmly and with a bit of bravado in your voice, your chest thrust out, and your head held high say to them "My Life Experience Just Trumps Your Book Smarts" my child.

Seriously it's great to have a high school diploma, and a college degree in a subject such as "Break Dancing for Fun or Profit" or the ever popular "How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse on a Dollar a Day" but I'm pretty sure before you my dear child have to figure out how to actually do these things in the real world, your parents will have had "The Life Experience" of actually having done these things so before you try to lord your superior mind over us, take a moment to look at the faces of experience that are your parents and grandparents.

And remember when all else fails...there's always that "Looney Tunes" life moment to bring your little know it all back to reality.


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 2 years ago from The Caribbean

      "While my daughter, the "Apple of my Eye" may have graduated from college, and I did not that doesn't make her smarter than yours truly." I totally agree with you because you have learned from life more than she learned in classrooms; but also remember that she is having some experiences you never had or will have because times have changed. The combination of your smarts and hers can make you both smarter.