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The Other White Meat May Eventually Kill You

Updated on January 11, 2014

For those that follow the Bible and cling to every word, it becomes apparent that God has put forth some rules of life for everyone to follow. It has been said that the Bible is an “Owner’s Manual for your life”. This, if you are a believer, is basically true. But I am not going to preach the gospel to you here; I am just going to make a few points about pork.

It seems that more than a millennia ago, the Good Lord set forth some rules on how to eat properly. He listed which animals were “clean” and which were “unclean”. Leviticus 11 describes each of these animals in detail, but I am just going to concentrate on the pig. Without a doubt, the meat from these animals is served in backyards as pork chops, at breakfast tables as bacon or as delicacies in five-star restaurants. There are powerful organizations out there that push its “qualities” as fine table fare.

You Are What You Eat

Many have heard the expression, "you are what you eat," and what a pig will eat will scare you.

The digestive system of a pig is different from every other animal. It is not designed to filter out toxins from the food they eat as other animals are able to do. These toxins work their way through the pig and are deposited in the animal's flesh in the form of fat deposits. The pig itself can eat and survive on just about anything, including raw, rancid garbage. They will even consume the cancer off of other animals.

Pigs, just like vultures, hyenas and rats are scavengers. They are not meant to be eaten. They are the cleaners of the animal world and can even eat poisonous snakes without falling ill. But again, the toxins are stored in the pig’s body and never released. If we as humans eat pork, what happens to the toxins that are stored in the pork meat? As stated before, the toxins are stored in the fat of the pig. When a human consumes pork fat, it is not digested completely, rather it is stored in the human body as pork fat and the human fat surrounds it. Therefore, you are consuming and storing the toxins found in the pork flesh.

As a butcher, I have spent many years butchering and cutting up animals for sale to the public. The number of people that purchase the pork in various forms surprises me. Pork is tasty, no doubt about it, I actually enjoy a good pork steak or chop, but I don’t eat it for health reasons (well, once in a great while…maybe). But you begin to notice patterns in the people that regularly purchase pork products. For instance, the person that regularly consumes pork (three or more times a week) generally does not have a healthy appearance. They are generally morbidly overweight, their eyes are not clear and they seem to always be tired. They seem to have a listless type of appearance. I can see someone that matches that description walk into the store, and accurately predict that they will buy several packages of pork.

Many years ago I worked for a major Midwestern slaughterhouse. We processed nearly 7,000 hogs a day. The USDA inspector would check the body cavities and organs of each animal for signs of disease and either accept them or reject them. About 15% of the animals were rejected for tuberculosis, were “red tagged” and marked PFC (passed for cooking), and pushed off into another cooler. At the end of the week, we could earn overtime by chunking up theses carcasses and shipping them out to be processed into Vienna sausages, potted meat, canned hams and similar items. I have never eaten any of those products since. Also in the process of processing these animals, I have come across different forms of cancer and large “abscesses” in the meat. Once these cancerous abscesses are cut into, the smell is overwhelming and production is stopped so the equipment can be disinfected.

I try to educate my customers on how to choose meat healthfully. The “organic” meats found in the average grocery store aren’t necessarily the best choice, since most are NOT truly organic. To get truly organic, you need to go to a specialty store that specializes in fully organic products. But if you are looking for a good piece of meat, read the label. “No added hormones” is a given, since it is illegal to add hormones to meat anyway. But what about the feed? It’s hard to be sure. Ask a lot of questions and do a lot of research. I try to dissuade people from buying pork, and steer them toward the chicken or beef (much to the angst of my employer). I have found that the majority of the customers appreciate my candor in the matter.

For people that suffer from gout, like I do, pork can cause your body to manufacture and retain high levels of uric acid. This uric acid can solidify into crystals (much like shards of glass) and settle into your joints, causing incredible pain.

The next time you eat a piece of bacon or sausage, or have a ham sandwich, think about what you are doing to your body. The people thousands of years ago already knew the dangers of pork consumption. We should listen to our ancestors and live a little longer. For more information (if you don't mind the attached Theology), go to

Next time: The truth about seafood!

©2010 by Delbert Banks


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    • profile image

      Sierra Mackenzie 7 years ago

      Thank you so much for that information. I have been trying to eat for health, so stayed away from beef knowing it is loaded with hormones. In place of beef, I have been eating pork. Wow! What an eye opener. I had no idea what I was consuming.

    • profile image

      Elfatih 7 years ago

      I totally agree with you on the impurity of the pig its even mentioned on our Qur'an (book of Muslims), even though on that time they had no idea about why and how it can harm humans but praise be to God you showed us very convincing reasons. Thank you and May we be guided to the straight path continuously

    • badegg profile image

      Del Banks 7 years ago from Southern Appalachians

      There are healthier alternatives!

    • nell79 profile image

      nell79 7 years ago from United States

      Wow! I'll never look at a can of vienna sausages again! I do like to eat pork occasionally, but it's not a daily thing (maybe once or twice a week, if that). Lots of scary thoughts here!