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The Oxygen Converter

Updated on August 10, 2015

The Oxy Converter

The energy conversion to fuel
The energy conversion to fuel | Source

The Mega-Oxy Converter


Metabolism is the mega converter of all converters in the body. So what is metabolism? The greatest catalytic converter consuming the food we ingest and converting it in our body speeding up energies and transmissions of the energies. It is one of the many forces of electrical currents, photons, and neurons in our bodies. When the metabolism function is activated it shifts in energies and the moves and waves of energy to burn calories, move out waste products, pressurizes, and controls the temperature of the body and essentially where it energizes the body to perform numerous functions in the body.

Metabolism speeds up the body functions where proteins become the worker molecules and our metabolism is sped up. Metabolism burns the fats in our bodies, generates energy so our body won’t fail, and finally converts what we ingest into nutrients and elements the body needs especially Oxygen.

Metabolism is also a function that repairs and regenerates cells for muscles, tissues, and organs that are vitally important to survive. This function is a master generator of sorts that splits and converts water (H20) into Oxygen (02). Kratz, R. Molecular & Cell Biology for Dummies, (2009). Our body reproduces 46 chromosomes or 23 pairs of cells to repair or duplicate when it repairs itself.

Human beings and animals are different when it comes to the metabolism processes it is called, “Metasis” and plants convert and metabolize through photosynthesis whereby converting vitamins, water, and energy into a carbon footprint as is metabolism to the human body.

The carbon footprint is the DNA or genealogy of all living things and the traits that they have been pre-destined to have by their parents or generational lineage for every person on earth.

Some of the foods we could eat to metabolize when eaten in moderation could speed up our metabolism are:

· Grapefruit

· Green tea

· Yogurt

· Almonds

· Coffee (the lover’s drink)

· Chocolate (in moderation)

Just in time for a Valentine’s special candy.

· Turkey

· Apples

· Spinach

· Beans

· Jalapenos

· Broccoli

· Oatmeal

· Soymilk

· Curry

· Cinnamon (the lover’s spice of life)

Some of the foods mentioned above serve as double boosters for energy and other healing properties that stimulate the arteries and pump Oxygen-rich blood to every part of the body that is stimulated and energized with the metabolic switch.

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