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The PAGG stack supplement in Asia

Updated on May 3, 2011

Asian readers of Tim Ferriss’ revolutionary Four Hour Body book were the last to be surprised by the emphasis on the use of natural herbal supplements, to maximize the speed and effectiveness of the slow carb diet program.  After all, many Eastern cultures have been pioneers of herbal and natural health wisdom for many thousands of years, since long before Western medical sciences were out of their infancy.  This body of knowledge has traditionally flowed from East to West in centuries gone by – with purveyors of traditional remedies and ancient healing techniques travelling to distant parts of Europe and the New World to share their wisdom… But now, with a rather graceful symmetry, there is a 21st century herbal discovery making its way from West to East… by USPS First Class mail rather than tea clipper!

I speak of none other than the PAGG stack supplement, which is the unique combination of Policosanol, Alpha-lipoic acid, and aged Garlic extract, blended with Green tea flavanols (ECGC).  Perhaps the most exciting thing to happen in weight loss supplementation this century, Tim Ferriss spent more than 10 years researching and refining the precise combinations and minimum effective doses, before launching the formula in the Four Hour Body in 2010.  With record-breaking worldwide sales, the demand for the PAGG stack has been global…

The PAGG stack was bound to appeal particularly to readers in Asia – not least because of their cultural appreciation of the unique benefits of stacking ingredients together.  All of the substances have their own well-documented uses in digestion and weight control, and garlic is indeed a staple in many Eastern cuisines… But it is when taken simultaneously that the effect of each one is magnified synergistically, giving rise to a powerful combined effect that is demonstrably greater than the sum of the parts involved.  This has parallels with many remedies in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and other herbal cures – approaching wellness with a holistic perspective is less familiar in the West perhaps… But, it works.

However, until recently, the ‘stack’ effect has been difficult to optimize in Asia, because of the lack of local manufacture of a combined supplement.  Setting out to create your own PAGG stack supplement using different brands of tablets, capsules and herbs has always been a complicated and expensive business, not to mention often less effective – getting the doses to correspond to Ferriss’ precisely-refined advice is difficult enough, not to mention the qualitative issues involved (such as using aged rather than fresh garlic extract, or the biologically-active R-alpha-lipoic acid, instead of the cheaper racemic mixture.  And as for the caffeine levels potentially present in the recommended levels of ECGC… whew!)   There are absorption issues to consider too, because the synergy of the stack is optimized when the ingredients are released and digested totally simultaneously… Even in a culture knowledgeable and experienced with herbal supplements, there’s a lot that could potentially go wrong with PAGG.

Luckily for Asian Four Hour Body fans though, Pareto Nutrition are now shipping their world-class combined PAGG stack supplement directly to the door of customers in Malaysia, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.  Supplying premium quality ingredients in their iconic red and blue opaque capsules (which aren’t just there to look cool, they also preserve the volatile contents in perfect condition), Pareto nutrition are also offering FREE international shipping for a limited time period.  Happy clients across Asia are now getting used to the speedier weight loss and enhanced body recomposition that readers in the US have been enjoying all year – so don’t get left behind!.


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