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The PAGG stack supplement in Europe

Updated on May 9, 2011

Weight loss trends in Europe tend to follow a familiar cycle. Particularly in the northernmost countries of the UK and Scandinavia, it’s easy to ignore your physical shape in the chilly winter months…

However as the year moves on, European thoughts turn to mass migration towards the Mediterranean, and the precious summer vacation. Beaches mean beach bodies however, and it’s never too early to start getting in shape! European sales of Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Body have been strong, particularly since the UK edition launched early in 2011. And it’s not surprising that many European readers were keen to experiment with the PAGG stack supplement – the unique combination of policosanol, alpha-lipoic acid, green tea flavanols and garlic extract, that enhances and maximizes the effect of the slow carb diet.

Europeans are of course no strangers to the use of healthy herbs in the diet, and garlic is a staple of many indigenous cuisines particularly in the southern countries, where aromatic herbs grow wild and cultures are influenced by historical Eastern and African conquests. Many health writers have extolled the benefits of the ‘Mediterranean diet’, based around fresh local products and seasonings.

PAGG overlooking the Danube in Slovakia...
PAGG overlooking the Danube in Slovakia...

All of the other ingredients needed in PAGG are also produced by many manufacturers in the different European countries, so creating a combined supplement wasn’t so hard…  All people had to do was find suppliers offering the 4 key ingredients of the PAGG stack in the exact doses recommended by Tim Ferriss, in sufficient quality to be effective and supplied in capsules that would be dissolved for absorption in perfect simultaneity, for maximum stack effect.  Oh, and Ferriss advised biotin supplementation as well… so that means perhaps 17 capsules per day, carefully timed, and endlessly juggled, to get he best results.  Forget the beach, European PAGG consumers would probably never make it out of their kitchen pharmacies at this rate!

Luckily Pareto Nutrition came to the rescue, sending their world-class PAGG stack supplement direct from their own manufacturing base in Atlanta.  With a time-limited free shipping offer for supplies of two months or more, successful deliveries have been made to Spain, Slovakia, Belgium, Switzerland, Greece, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Demark, Norway, and Austria.  They have had such fantastic feedback from our European friends, as their growing photo album bears witness.  Delivery times vary depending on local customs and mail delivery services, but they are typically shipping in under two weeks… and offer an express service if you are keen to start your stack in short order


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