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Nutrient Value Of Diet For Your Healthy Life Style

Updated on May 12, 2020

These Seven Nutrients Must have In Your Diet Plan.

So why do we actually need food. It is to supply with fuel for energy and it is to provide materials for growth and repair of tissues and is to help fight disease and keep our bodies healthy but what is in food. The food can be split up into seven different nutrients carbohydrates, lipids , proteins, vitamins, minerals, fiber and water.

Carbohydrates can be in the form of simple sugars such as glucose lactose fructose or sucrose or it could be large polysaccharides big long chains of sugars like starch or glycogen and most of our carbohydrate comes in the form of starch from foods like potato, rice and bread and what we use it for we use it in the body for respiration to release energy so if you know about the respiration equation you know it is glucose,oxygen, common dioxide, water and energy so glucose you need for that reaction comes from our carbohydrates but if you have too much carbohydrates too much energy then your body decides to store that as fat and it can create give your obesity or could cause tooth decay .

Lipids is the proper name for fats and oil food high animal fat includes meat, butter cheese, milk,eggs and oily fish and foods high in plant oil include olive oil, sunflower oil, rape soil and margarine on the whole lipids from animals which are tend to be saturated fats are worse for you than the unsaturated fats you get from plant oils.

Fat has quite a bad image but actually we need fat in our diet which don't need too much of it. It’s very important for making cell membranes for insulation for protection of organs and as a store of energy.

Proteins Animal foods high in protein include meat, fish, cheese and eggs you can't get protein from plants like beans peas and nuts but meat is a primary source of protein. It's a better source of protein and we need for growth and repair of tissues replacing cells which are very important when you are growing as a baby or an adolescent but also even when you stopped growing you need to replace cells constantly every day and we need proteins in order to do that.

Vitamins so there's a couple of vitamins you need to know about vitamin A which is used to maintain the retina in your eye and you get that from carrots fish, liver oils, butter and margarine so that old wives tale of carrots helping you see in the dark there's actually bit of truth to that because they are high in vitamin. which is used to help build your retina. Vitamin C which is used to stick cells together lining surfaces to make stuff called call connective tissues and it is found in fruit and vegetables especially citrus fruits and if you don't get enough vitamin C it can cause scurvy where your finger nails will start to bleed and bleeding gums also could happen. and vitamin D which helps bones absorb calcium and you get that from things like fish nibblers and also from dairy products but it made in your skin when you are exposed to sunlight. We also need minerals so there are two major minerals that you need to know about but a lot of these minerals are the same elements.

Calcium which is used for making teeth and bones strong. They are very high in dairy products like fish, bread and some vegetables if you donot get enough calcium then your bones would not develop properly and as a result you can have a disease called rickets andiron which is used to make hemoglobin in your red blood cells which carry oxygen and are very important for the circulation of blood in your body.

Red meat, liver eggs and some vegetables like spinach are very good source of iron if you don't get enough iron you can end up with a disease called anemia.

A lot of people don't think water is a nutrient but it is and it is included in the seven nutrients and it's very important to make our body stay hydrated so that means really is to make sure that osmosis works properly between ourselves and our blood and our tissue fluid. We don't want our selves dribble up and don't get enough water but we also don't want our blood pressure high if we have high blood pressure. it's very important that water levels are maintained because it's our blood plasma where lot of reactions take place and we use it to transport blood around our body so it is very important you need to drink about between 1.5 and 2 litres of water a day.

fiber dietary fiber isn't actually something that you digest and absorb but it is very important to maintain for digestive transit of food which needs to pass through the digestive system from your mouth to your anus.Along that to help within this journey our body needs fibre. We get it from cellulose that is found in plant cell walls that we eat. Fruit and vegetables are very good sources of fiber and it gives you get something to push against so that it moves your food threw the digestive system So Diet should have all the seven nutrients in the correct amounts so this pyramid here is a bit of a representation of that.


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