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The Path from Personal Trainer to Life Coach

Updated on August 4, 2015
© Matthew Ryczko 2015
© Matthew Ryczko 2015

Most of you know me as Matthew Ryczko, Fitness and Nutrition Coach. Some of you know me from the IQPAWF (Inspirational Quotes, Positive Affirmations and Warm Fuzzies) Facebook Page. Still, others of you know me more personally. I am happy to announce that I am entering the growing field of life coaching. I am currently taking classes to hone my skills and become ICF (International Coach Federation) ACC (Associate Certified Coach) certified. I’m very excited and nervous. But, let me fill in the blanks about how I decided to make this transition.

In my education and career pursuits, I’ve tried on so many hats (in no particular order): art teacher, painter, writer, counselor, psychiatric nurse, business manager, entrepreneur, nutritionist, computer technician, network administrator, cosmetologist, personal trainer, and I’m sure some that I’ve forgotten. Some hats fit better than others, some I pursued longer, some I tossed aside before pursuing them more seriously. But I’ve always been looking for something that reaches deeper into people and makes a real and lasting difference in their lives. I feel like life coaching is the career that I was always looking for.

Most recently, and most notably, I was pursuing certification as a personal trainer. I’ve loved helping people as a fitness and nutrition coach. However, as I studied, it became clear to me that I was more interested in the human experience of exercise. All of the emotional factors and self-oppression that we go through with doubting ourselves, making excuses, eating emotionally, etc., was what really attracted me to that field. I took 2013 and 2014 off to contemplate my options, and it became clear to me that those interests would not translate well into a satisfying career as a personal trainer, and that I would not be happy with the day-to-day of training.

Anyone in the public light who applies values to behaviors like eating, is at risk of becoming obsessed with those things. A strange thing happens where everyone around you starts to put you under a microscope and consult you for every food decision they make, seeking your approval and sometimes, frighteningly, changing everything they eat because of some small factoid you mentioned. You may find yourself, as I did, micromanaging your behaviors, because of this pressure. For me, this was coupled with health issues that I made dietary changes for, and became orthorexia, or an obsession with righteous eating. Learn more about orthorexia here.

Starting with some back to back to back health issues that had me pretty scared in the winter of 2012-2013, and spiraling into two overwhelming mental health issues- general anxiety and an eating disorder- I've been through a pretty rough couple of years. I haven’t really talked openly before about the eating disorder, even with the closest and most important people in my life. It’s embarrassing and difficult, and uncomfortable for me to talk about still. On some levels, I am still coping with these, and may cope with parts of these issues on varying levels for the rest of my life, but I am doing far better than I was before I got help. Like a phoenix, I am rising from the ashes of my struggles, a better man, a wiser man, with a purpose: to help others.

While I may continue to mention fitness and nutritional wellness, it is only part of the whole conversation here. Everything I've already posted will stay up, because I know it has helped so many people already and has the potential of helping many more. But, the conversation will be shifting to a broader view of personal development and the pursuit of happiness.

A Coach can help you find your path
A Coach can help you find your path | Source

"Why Life Coaching?" / "What is Life Coaching?"

I am drawn to the opportunity to use all of my life experience and skills to help a multitude of people in so many areas of life. Coaching is similar but different from training, mentoring or counseling, and focuses on bringing out a person’s authentic voice and helping them fully express their individuality and realize their goals, happiness and personal freedom. It’s about empowering personal development in whatever area the coachee seeks motivation, clarity, or someone to challenge their status quo.

A life coach works with their clients to set SMART goals (I’ve talked about this here before), and pushes them to think big and reach further than they think they can. The roles of the coach include success partner, strategist, and personal advocate. The ICF defines coaching as, “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” Coaches have a wide range of specializations including graduation coaching, career coaching, health and wellness coaching, or relationship coaching, to name just a few.

Coaching can be a wonderful experience for anyone wishing to make significant changes in their life or career, improve their decision making, collaborate on a creative project, improve relationships, make a bigger impact in the world, reduce stress and simplify their lives, or to design and live their best life.

© CoachInc, used with permission
© CoachInc, used with permission | Source

"Will You Coach Me?"

Yes! Absolutely. I currently have limited spaces available for weekly coaching sessions at very reasonable rates. If you are serious about making a change and think you may benefit from my coaching, please book your free consultation from the 'Book Now' tab at I would be happy to discuss what you can do with coaching!

© Matthew Ryczko dba GetTranscribed 2012-2015
© Matthew Ryczko dba GetTranscribed 2012-2015 | Source

"Aren't You the Owner of too?"

Yes, and I will continue to be even as I build my coaching practice. While there may come a time when I am unable to work personally with each transcription client, as I do now, I will still be there in the background, keeping the wheels turning. I love the work that we do!

Thanks for reading!

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For information about personal coaching, book your free consultation from the 'Book Now' tab at Limited spaces available!


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