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How to break out of the Matrix and live an Authentic Life of Fire and Fury

Updated on August 20, 2017
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Job is a man who traverses reality in an ever present sojourn, seeking the elusive horizon of the highest expression of his creative self.

Reign over Circumstance

We are all lines scattered across time and space. Our nature is to dream and reach out to the stars. We exist and prosper in a paradox of time where we hold on to the past and yearn for the future. All we ever truly have is this moment.

Our goals are fragments scattered and focussed by our own minds. Rule over your circumstances or be a slave to the ball and chain. The future is where our choices are revealed. Our actions and thoughts shall bear fruition. Renew the mind every day and conquer it. Teach it the meaning of your actions. Unravel to it the contents of your will. Be pragmatic and ruthless with your choices, for one day, they will be revealed. The goal is not the external manifestation of your thoughts, but the state of mind brought forth through the inner transformation of one's mindset. The heart, the soul and spirit must collide and traverse the universe in unison with the vision.

Triumph is the Summit

March inwards and onwards to the moment of truth where what was once within the mind's eye and reality is both one and the same. Unfurl the curtains and set loose the shackles of the mind. Cast away the doubt and embrace this moment. Awaken and fight for your inch of redemption. Redeem yourself of all that has passed you by, and let the river of life flow through you and out of you. Commit to your own life. A casualty of being casual with your life is that you have to crawl out of the pit. The pit of Lazarus whither death must be transformed. The leap across the void must be made if the dead man is to walk again. The leap is one of consciousness and the battle is a spiritual one.

So linger not and rise from the ashes of complacency. Tarry and be turned to stone. Inactivity is what gets you in the desert. The Burial of Hope. Hope that the chasm can be conquered, that a legacy can be built of blood and sweat. The loss of hope is a cold grave on the ridges of the Everest. The mountain is the battleground where the magic is revealed, where the essence of the will of a man (or woman) is put to the test, where the soul is laid bare. It is where the rawest form of the expression of one's self will be weighed against it's authenticity, to seek, to find whether it is worth it's salt. The broken spirit shall rage against it's dying and the blind will see again. Either that, or it shall wither and fade away into the annals of the books of history not written, into the logs of ships not sailed, into the abysses of black timeless nothingness. So the choice is yours. The sword is yours to draw and the fire is yours to light. Light the Fire.

What is your design?

You are not a slave. You are not a child of fate and circumstance. You are not a mistake. You are the ever breathing, ever present channel to your essence as a conscious creator. If you slip into an unconscious state, prepare yourself to be washed away with the current, with the tides of the slave mentality that plagues modern society as we know it.

Be ever awake. Be ever alert. Autopilot is a thief in the dark of night, it is an existence of unconscious design. What is your design? What is your sentient design? Where forth will thine paths lead thee onward? A shattered glass cannot be put back together. It can only be transformed into a newer representation of it's former self. Guard your mind, guard your thoughts, guard your vision, guard your designs with your life. For your design is the only thing that bears any salt. Your design is your essence. Your essence is your reality. Your reality is the thoughts you accept. Your reality is your being.

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