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Do You Have a Pear-Shaped Body like the Kardashians?

Updated on February 2, 2019
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Ms.Monae is known by some as a fitness and health fanatic. She believes in living a healthy lifestyle with guilty pleasures in moderation.

Do You Have a Pear-Shaped Body Like the Kardashians?

The pear-shaped body type is believed to be the most attractive, but it does comes with a price. What people don't know about the pear-shaped body may cause them a great deal of pain in the future. It is very important to know your body type, for health reasons, weight management and picking out the most flattering clothing. Many celebrities have pear-shaped body types including Christina Aguilera, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian.

Do You Have a Pear-Shaped Body Like the Kardashians?
Do You Have a Pear-Shaped Body Like the Kardashians? | Source

Do you Have a Pear Shaped Body?

The pear shaped body is also referred to as the triangle or spoon body shape. The bottom line is your upper body is smaller than your lower body. You do not have an hourglass figure. Very few women do. However you have a fabulous body that some people go to drastic measures to get. Here are the characteristics of a pear-shaped body.

  • Hips are larger than your bust
  • Well defined waist and flat stomachs
  • Shoulders are narrower than your hips
  • You tend to gain weight in your bottom half (booty, thighs and legs)
  • Small upper body and small bust

The distribution of muscle and fat and the amount you have also determines your body shape. Skeletal structure and genetic predisposition are also factors that help determine your figure.

Body Type Chart

Body Type Chart
Body Type Chart

Best Assets of a Pear Shaped Body

The Abs - can be well defined

The Waist - usually small and well defined

The Booty - large and very shapely or curvy

Pear shaped women tend to have very attractive bodies. Their small waists and thick hips are attention grabbers. The balance of the body is somewhat off so eyes generally gravitate to the larger assets of the body.

Stretching is Good for a Pear-Shaped Body
Stretching is Good for a Pear-Shaped Body | Source

Pear Shaped Women are Usually Mesomorphs

Characteristics of Mesomorphs are:

  • Athletic build
  • Naturally Strong
  • Can lose weight easily
  • Can gain weight easily
  • Can build muscle easily
  • Can have flexibility issues

Because mesomorphs can gain weight easily they must keep an eye on their calorie intake. They have the best structure for bodybuilding because of their large bones. To maintain a balance they should do low resistance exercises that tone down the appearance of their bottom half. Great exercises for this would be walking, jumping rope, riding a bike and elliptical training. To tone their upper half, light weights and push-ups are good exercises. Always stretch before and after a workout. This is even more important for the pear-shaped body because it is less flexible.

Know Your Body Type

If you stand in the mirror with your arms raised up from your side you can see your shape. One of the illustrations in the body-type chart should match up to what you see in the mirror.

There are many reasons you should know what body type you are.

Body Shape will help you determine:

  • What exercises work better for you
  • How to maintain a healthy weight
  • Your nutrition and diet
  • What clothing better suits you
  • What diseases you are more likely to be at risk of

Examples of Pear Shape Measurements in Inches


I Love My Pear-Shaped Body

Why are my hips so big? Why can't I find pants that fit my waist and hips at the same time? This is the life of a pear-shaped woman. I've always been told by people that I have a pretty shape. When I exercise I usually focus on my bottom because that is were I gain all of my weight. We pear-shaped women tend to be bottom heavy. Some of us are self-conscious about the size of our breast. I have little melons (that I love very much) a small waist and big hips and I wouldn't change a thing!

Buying clothes sometimes can be very challenging unless you're a Kardashian. They'll stuff that big booty into anything. If you are pear-shaped you know exactly what I'm talking about. Most of the time I have my clothes altered to fit my small waist. Did you know Beyonce has a pear-shaped body? Many of the curvy celebrities do.

What Do You Think?

Do you think it's important to know your body shape?

See results

A study of more than 6,000 women conducted at North Carolina State University in 2005 revealed that 46% of women were banana-shaped; just over 20% were pear-shaped; just under 14% were apple-shaped; and only 8% were hourglass-shaped. Source: http://calculator/body-type-calculator.html

Cheers to Your Body!

Your body shape is beautiful no matter which type it is. We all should be comfortable in our own skin. Self-confidence should be a silhouette on the body shape chart. Confidence alone is beautiful. Let's face it the charts are old and outdated. The people in this world have changed. People are larger than they use to be 50 years ago. Our body shapes have changed with time. Although we are different sizes, shapes, ages and colors we are still beautiful women. We must share with each other what we know to help each other be the very best versions of ourselves.

Be Your Best Self!


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