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Olive Oyl's Monounsaturated Oily Quest

Updated on October 27, 2015
Olive Oyl Before Her Monounsaturated Oily Quest
Olive Oyl Before Her Monounsaturated Oily Quest

Olive's Oyl's Quest for Popeye's Attention

Olive Oyl is Popeye the Sailor Man’s girlfriend.

Popeye admiringly says the pencil-thin Olive is a perfect 57…19-19-19. It had not always been that way though. Before Olive met Popeye she had been, excuse me, chunky. As a result she thought she could only attract guys like Bluto, who occasionally kidnapped her (‘nuf said).

Life was not fun for Olive back then. So she decided to lose some weight by incorporating the Mediterranean Diet into her daily routine. She was intrigued by the fact that olive oil is a major component of the diet. “Gosh…” Olive Oyl said, “I like the sound of that!”

The Mediterranean Diet

In 1945 researchers uncovered the unusually low rate of cardiovascular disease among Grecians and southern Italians. In the 1960’s studies concluded it was their diet and activity level. The Harvard University School of Public Health published the diet's heart friendly and positive aspects:

  • Regular physical activity
  • Abundant fresh vegetables
  • Fresh fruit for dessert (instead of refined sugar products)
  • Olive oil as the principal source of fat
  • Cheese and yogurt (moderate intake of dairy products)
  • Fish and poultry in moderation
  • 0-4 eggs a week
  • Reduce consumption of red meat and red meat products
  • Red wine in moderate quantities

The Mediterranean Diet has 25% to 35% of calories from fat (with 8% or less from saturated fat). Saturated fat is found in animal foods such as red meat, butter, cream and full fat dairy products.

Olive oil (OL) with its monounsaturated fat is singled out scientifically as the chief ingredient of the Mediterranean Diet to improve heart function. A monounsaturated fat is beneficial to your health because it reduces cholesterol levels. A welcomed added benefit is that the diet guarantees a healthy weight outcome. Olive Oyl made a mental note that following the Mediterranean Diet guarantees a healthy weight outcome!

After hearing of the Mediterranean Diet she diligently and confidently started her quest to lose weight and win Popeye's attention.

Olive Oil Health Tips

After learning all the aspects of the Mediterranean Diet Olive Oyl started using olive oil regularly with eye-catching results! Here are some tips she discovered to help her lose the weight and catch Popeye’s attention:

1) Lightly top steamed vegetables, and potatoes with OL instead of the saturated fat of margarine or butter

2) Use OL based dressings on all your salads instead of creamy dressings like Bleu Cheese or Ranch

3) Substitute OL for butter or margarine in recipes

Varieties of Olive Oils

Olive Oyl was sold on the Mediterranean Diet but she was stunned when she first started to shop for olive oil. She had no idea there were so many kinds. She was quoted as saying, “Oh phooey! I wonder which one is best?” She was stymied by the selection offered. There was Virgin, Extra Virgin, Pure, Light, Refined, Spanish, Italian, Greek, etc. “Oh my!” said Olive.

The following is a list of different olive oils starting with what is generally recognized as the best and descends from there in quality.

  • Extra Virgin (EVOO)- Generally considered the best OL. Only 10% 0f world’s OL is EVOO. Olives are processed naturally then lab and taste tested. Extra-virgin OL has the lowest acidity of all olive oils. EVOO is collected from the first pressing and has the most nutrients.
  • Virgin- Good grade (lower than EVOO) and tested but has higher acidity than EVOO.
  • Pure- Virgin and/or Extra Virgin OO mixed with refined OO.
  • Refined- Lower grade (taste and acidity) Virgin OL which has been processed using chemicals and charcoal
  • Light- Less pure and not worthy of the extra-virgin classification. Processed with chemicals and it has less color and taste. Better quality olive oils are added back in to regain some color and flavor

It does not matter in which country the olives are grown.

Find an EVOO and check with the manufacturer if their OL meets the International Olive Council's standards.

Include The Benefits of Spinach In Your Diet

Popeye is on to something!

Spinach has been rated at the top of many healthy food polls. Here are some of the benefits:

*Super low in calories

*Low in carbohydrates

*Contains iron, folates, magnesium,

*Rich in antioxidants

*High in fiber

*Great source of beta-carotene

*High in potassium

In addition spinach can fill you up and help you eat less. Olive started eating more spinach too.

Olive Oyl's Conclusion About Olive Oil

Overview: All consumable olive oils have nutritional and healthful benefits. However the best OL is the Extra-Virgin for salads and toppings such as dressings. You may want to use Light OL for cooking and baking (Light OL has a higher burning point and will not interfere with the taste of the food). Olive Oyl likes the taste of EVOO even in her stove top cooking and oven baking.

Olive finally caught Popeye's one good eye and they are happily ever-aftering (much to the chagrin of Bluto). Who knows, one day you too may be so lucky as to catch the eye of a short, spinach-eating sailor with gigantic forearms (who knew?).


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    • joeyallen profile image

      Kerry Allen 2 years ago from SE Texas

      Spinach has recently been advanced as a stomach filling, nutritious vegetable. Use it in conjunction with EVOO to help with weight loss.

      Alternate consuming raw and steamed spinach.The nutrients are absorbed differently when cooking. I recommend alternating steaming and raw to take advantage of all the many nutrients in spinach.

      Popeye told me so!

    • joeyallen profile image

      Kerry Allen 4 years ago from SE Texas

      Glad you liked it...

      Check back, I'm adding new items soon to Olive's article!

    • Shyron E Shenko profile image

      Shyron E Shenko 4 years ago from Texas

      What a fun hub Joey, to teach about the benefits of OL. Popeye and Olive is one good cartoon, I loved watching them.

      Voted up, UAI and shared.

    • joeyallen profile image

      Kerry Allen 4 years ago from SE Texas

      Hi Sue, Thanx!

      Check out # 1 in Olive Oil Health Tips in the article. I mention Olive Oyl discovered the idea of sprinkling OL on her steamed veggies.

      You're right about deep frying oil at high temperatures is "poisonous" depends on what your definition of "poisonous" is.

      I will check that subject out. I'm also goin' to try your idea about sprinkling OL on campo bread with garlic! Sounds delicious!

    • Sue Adams profile image

      Juliette Kando FI Chor 4 years ago from Andalusia

      I love it! What a great way to educate readers into a better diet.

      Olive Oyl might like to try OL on a slice of campo bread for breakfast, with chopped up raw garlic on top, which is delicious, and acts as a natural antibiotic.

      Question for you Joey,

      Is it true that bringing oil to cooking temperatures is poisonous? I'm thinking of deep fried food in junk food restaurants, and those home fryers that everyone throws on the scrap heap when they get uncleanable.

      If it were true, that cooked oil is poisonous, just to be on the safe side, tell Olive Oyl to try steaming her vegetables, let them cool off a bit, and then ad OL as a dressing, rather than use it to cook.