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The Perfect Push Up Review - Evolution of the Pushup?

Updated on August 24, 2016

For those on a budget looking for a way to tone up their upper torso should seriously consider the Perfect Push Up. I wanted to write this review to make sure that the masses know just how excited I am about this ingenious product.

This workout tool, which was created by a former US Navy Seal, hit the market in 2007. It was an instant smash! The Perfect Push Ups consist of a pair of saucer like platforms with padded handles.

The units are able to rotate 360 degrees and stays put by a non-slip bottom for your safety.

What you will appreciate the most about The Perfect Push Up is the almost immediate results you get. What you will love is that you won't have to worry about the expense of purchasing weights and a bench.

Can you imagine achieving better results out of an exercise tool without having to plan out room for lots of equipment?

A Pushing Fact!

Did you know that the world record for most non-stop push ups is 10,507? The record has stood since 1980.


Because of the natural arm rotation as you are executing "perfect pushups" your time spent doing them is well worth it. Unlike the bench press and the basic military push up, every muscle group in the arms are worked.

Doing those only work on your pectoral muscles 80% of the time. You may even feel a slight burn in other groups. A Perfect Push Up workout gets every muscle fiber in your Triceps, Pectorals, Deltoids, and good portion of your Biceps. You'll totally feel the burn!

A little about me

In my teen years I played a lot of sports. After high school I enlisted in the Army. Of all the weight training and exercise regiments I've experienced, none has been quite as gratifying as this idea. What would normally take months to accomplish with lateral pull downs and the bench press, you can do in weeks with The Perfect Push Up.

When you get into the starting position (arms extended) your body will be more elevated than usual as you're holding the handles. As you begin, when you lower your body it extends beyond the natural plane. In other words your arms get more range of motion, thereby working more muscles in your pectorals. This action gives your chest a broader look.

Regular bench pressing and push ups don't have this range of motion. Either the bar stops at chest level or the floor stops you from going lower. If you want greater range of motion or more muscles worked, simply spread The Perfect Push Ups further apart. Don't worry, the rubber base makes it tough for them to slip.

The Wrap Up

A Perfect Push Up workout isn't just about toning up your upper frame. I actually use it in my routine to increase muscle weight. With the right protein and carbohydrate diet you can make this happen.

You have to have a consistent routine, of course. After just six weeks of implementing a daily Perfect Push Up workout I surpassed my personal best in weight. Imagine that; people actually striving to gain weight.

100 Different Push Ups

In terms of exercise, which regiment is most important to you?

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There aren't many cons with this thing. The Perfect Push Up saves plenty space and time. They slide easily under a bed and it certainly beats toiling heavy metal up to a third story apartment. It won't take long for you to fall in love with that fame you see in the mirror, either.

If you insist on investing in a complete weight set just consider this. Using just your body weight will get you great results; you just have to increase repetition and work smarter. Don't waste another minute and get The Perfect Push Ups today!


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