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The Period Game Changer - Diva What?!

Updated on July 8, 2016

What's a Menstrual Cup?

A menstrual cup is made of silicone and is used as a safer, more comfortable alternative to pads and tampons. It's basically a little cup you insert, like you would a tampon, and it catches the blood. Then, you carefully remove the cup, flush(or otherwise dispose of) the blood, wash the cup, and replace! At the end of your cycle, it goes into a cute little bag and is stored until next month. That's right! It's reusable. For years.

Now, before being skeptical of some "new age alternative," be conscious of the fact that menstrual cups have been around longer than conventional tampons! However, because they're reusable, they don't generate as much money as tampons and so they aren't marketed as heavily.

Just like tampons and pads, there are several different kinds of menstrual cups to fit a variety of women. The most popular brands seem to be the Diva Cup and Luna Cup. My personal preference is Diva Cup, but my sister prefers the Luna Cup. It's all about comfort for YOUR body and what YOU find to fit best.

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Menstrual Cups Are Safer Than Tampons

Chances are, if you're reading this post, you've heard of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). It's when the body goes into shock due to the harmful chemicals on tampons....and it has KILLED women. Yes. Tampons can be FATAL. Even if you've never experienced TSS, doesn't it make you wonder how healthy tampons can really be for the body? They are bleached after all. I don't know about you but bleach is the LAST thing I want up in my lady parts. Ugh.

Menstrual cups are silicon (like what they put in fake boobs). It's a safe substance for the body to be exposed to. In addition, instead of absorbing the blood and drying out your area, menstrual cups just catch the blood. This means menstrual cups can be used for 10-12 hours without changing. I've left mine in for 48 (oops) but there's literally no risk. Well, except maybe for a funky smell. Tampons, on the other hand, could NEVER be left in that long! I' shuddering just thinking about it.


Tampons (and pads) create a TON of extra trash. Like, probably, a literal ton. Every month every woman throws MULTIPLE pads, tampons, and their packaging into landfill. Menstrual cups eliminate ALL waste. They're reusable. It's that simple.

The Comfort Factor

Now, let's be real. If a product is environmentally friendly, economically friendly (did I mention they save lot's of money? Reusable factor again) safe, healthy, but uncomfortable...I'm just not going to buy it. But this is the best part about menstrual cups. They're SO comfortable once you find the right size, brand, etc. Thankfully, I found the perfect one (the Diva Cup) my first try!

I do Olympic lifting almost every day. On off days, I do gymnastics. On top of that, I'm a swim instructor. Needless to say, I move A LOT everyday. I HATED tampons because I could constantly feel them, every move I took. Not to mention having to take breaks from work to change it during swim instruction. Such a pain. Some days on my period, I'd even call in sick because moving in the water was SO awful on my period with tampons. After switching to the Diva Cup, though, once I got used to it I would honestly forget it was there. Like, I'd go ALL day and not remember once I was on my period. How is that even a thing?!

Go outside and DO something on your period
Go outside and DO something on your period

Try It For Yourself :)

Menstrual cups are making a come back, and for good reason!

  • They're a safe alternative to pads and tampons. They don't contain harmful chemicals like bleach and there's zero risk of TSS.
  • They're environmentally friendly because they're reusable and, therefore, don't create trash.
  • They're comfortable, last all day between changes, and don't leak (if inserted properly)
  • They save money! You pay $20-$35 once. That's it.


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