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The Potassium Miracle Cure

Updated on September 21, 2012
The Potassium Miracle Cure
The Potassium Miracle Cure

In this article, I want to explain, what is Potassium?, what it does for you in the body, also, the ailments one can suffer when having a deficiency of this particular vitamin.

I will try to make this easy to read and understand, and hope that you will tremendously benefit from this information. It is crucial to one who is suffering.

Please be informed, that I am not a Doctor nor a Physician so please contact your Doctor or Physician to see if you have this deficiency before supplementing.

Have a Blessed Day!


What is Potassium?

Potassium is a Mineral. A very important mineral that is needed by the human body to survive.

Next, I will show you what Potassium does in the body, Please follow.

What Does Potassium Do In The Body?

  • It is an important neuron for brain and nerve function
  • It is important for maintaining water balance - Potassium/Sodium work together
  • It is important for muscle activity, specifically the Heart
  • It also moderates your muscles and nerves as well as your metabolism.

Next I will explain what the symptoms of low Potassium does to the body, please follow.

Symptoms of a Deficiency of Potassium in your Body

The Level in the Human Body for Potassium is 3.5-5.0 (milligram-equivelent per liter.)

Symptoms and Signs of Low Potassium

  • Medically Termed as Hypokalemia
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Urination difficulty - Kidneys are not functioning properly
  • numbness
  • muscle cramps in feet or hands
  • temporary paralysis ( more severe case)
  • abdomen - gas, bloating, nausea, vomiting, cramps, frequent constipation - (muscles not working in the abdomen)
  • brain - confusion, depression, psycosis, audio, and visual hullicinations
  • heart- low blood pressure, heart palpitations, arrythmia, cardiac arrest, congestive heart failure (again weaknesses in the muscles of the heart)
  • tingling sensations in the body
  • in skin -apathy

The Miracle Potassium Cure

Potassium supplementing should only be what the FDA has allowed. Which is 97 mg per day. However Some suggest that you should be taking way more. This is why I will encourage you to get your blood tested to make sure your not to high in potassium or to low before supplementing. Symptoms of High potassium can be fatal.

If you are Low in potassium, Potassium supplementing will cure the following or give Great relief from symptoms.

I added some links to help you research this particular cure and hope you benefit from these websites.

Symptoms of High Levels of Potassium in Your Body

This is Called Hyperkalemia - Is Extremely high levels of potassium tested in your blood

High Levels of Potassium can be dangerous in your body, just like the low levels can.

  • 5.1-6.0 mild hyperkalemia
  • 6.1-7.0 moderate hyperkalemia
  • 7.0 and above is very severe hyperkalemia


Symptoms of Extremely High Levels in your Body.

  • cardiac arrest
  • death
  • mortality rate is 67% if not treated

  • oranges
  • pineapples
  • green leafed vegetables
  • whole grains
  • beans
  • salt substitute ( contain a large amount of potassium)

Foods That Contain Potassium

These Foods are Beneficial, that contain potassium,, however, if you cook these foods, a significant loss will occur.

  • bananas
  • creme of tarter
  • avocados
  • potatoes
  • dried apricots

Great Supplements of Potassium

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Conclusion, Potassium is a very essential Mineral of great value. With insufficient vitamins in our food supplies, due to depleted soils from over use. Its very important to know if maybe your tired, fatigued, swollen gut, from a simple deficiency. Again, I am not a Doctor nor a Physician so I cannot diagnose or treat any condition. I do however encourage you to seek you Family Physician or Doctor, to see if you are deficient in this mineral. If you are in kidney failure it is not wise to take Potassium as it may make it a worsened condition. Also, You do not want to take more than what you need.

I hope my Hubpage left you better informed, giving you some hope, to have a more healthier lifestyle choice.

Have a Great Day!



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