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The Power Of Magical Mind-Suggestion Power

Updated on September 16, 2015
If You Know The True Power Of Human Mind, You'll Be Suprised
If You Know The True Power Of Human Mind, You'll Be Suprised

In religious activities, prayer and worship is a matter of repetition. The principle of repetition is actually helping us bribes things that are positive and our needs to the magical mind, with relationship to the Almighty power. This repetition leads to a suggestion. This suggestion, either self (of oneself to oneself) or external (from other sources to oneself) is a trigger to the magical mind in order to do its magic. The repetition of the same thing every day and pronounced over time will turn into confidence and when confidence is strong, the results begin to appear. Figures such as Hitler has used this technique to arouse power in Germany. He uses a variety of slogans, signs, flags, posters and so on in order to realize this technique. Through radio, newspapers and many other sources, the German people have been bribed with a suggestion that called for Germany to become the world's strongest power. Hitler successfully with the technique but ultimately failed because the power of the other worlds also has a strong belief against their own abilities. Mussolini also use the same technique for Italy while Stalin has used it to build Russia. In World War II, Japan uses this technique in widespread. When most people believe in the suggestion, the results are starting to look, as there is convergence of energy and power that come from each individual towards the success and glory of the country.

Do You Know This Guy? Yes. He Was Hitler. He Used Suggestion Technique To Arouse The German Power
Do You Know This Guy? Yes. He Was Hitler. He Used Suggestion Technique To Arouse The German Power

Magical mind will act upon receipt of instructions or suggestions from the conscious mind, either standalone or from external which is channelled through the conscious mind. Its action will be faster if the information communicated is accompanied by mental picture of the situation or that desire. The mental picture may be unclear, but just having a mental picture is enough to help the magical mind to perform its functions. However, a clear mental picture will yield more lucrative result.

Mental Image Is A Key For Suggestion To Work
Mental Image Is A Key For Suggestion To Work

Many superstitious beliefs or practices resulting in a self-limiting condition. They are strengthened by suggestions and repeated to us since childhood. For example, if a black cat crosses the car on a road, it will bring a bad sign, if wearing shirt upside down, a loved one will die or money will be earned, when shooting a picture, cannot be of three men because the people in the middle will become dead, and many things which have been followed through generations by the community. There is a belief that only exist in their own ethnic group, but because of its strong cultural assimilation process in a country, the belief has also spread to the culture of other races. All this happens through the suggestion which is repeated from generation to generation. Indeed, things one thinks will happen because it is believed that would happen but for people who do not profess the faith, felt no impact from all the occurrences. Therefore, we should all strive to scrape the negative belief or self-defeating of this in order to help them and get out of this trap that limiting ourselves.

Mental image is an important thing that can help the mind magically help us towards excellence. People who are able to do mental pictures can actually help themselves. Consider the following story:

John was a labourer in a large sawmill. He wanted to change his career from timber transporter to employees in clerical unit. He had little education and have always imagined himself sitting at a clerk desk and doing clerical work. One day he approached his supervisor and expressed his intention. The supervisor said John must get special permission from General Manager and quite impossible for John to do so, as the manager is hard to be approached. The supervisor stated that he himself was afraid to meet with General Manager as he looks fierce and too serious. John got a negative reaction from his supervisor. John himself had seen the General Manager came to the office with a big car and he certainly looks grim-faced. John came home that afternoon and in the evening he began to imagine it, as general manager is a very friendly and not aggressive. John imagined he met with the General Manager and General Manager took it well. This mental picture was done a few days by John and he finally forced himself met with the General Manager. He was quite surprised to find that the General Manager would not mind to see him and approve his transfer to the clerical unit. John got the triumph with her mental picture that is positive and good. He is full of self-confidence when confronted with the General Manager and the General Manager was nice to see employees who aspire to improve. John has a different mental images than metal images possessed by his supervisor and many others at the sawmill factory. What they’ve imagined become a reality for them, as well as John.

Just Push A Belief Button In Your Mind And You'll Be Everything You Want To Be
Just Push A Belief Button In Your Mind And You'll Be Everything You Want To Be

And below is another story:

A man who wanted to stay in a hotel. All rooms have been rented and there is no other hotel in the area. He eventually got a room that was originally a storeroom. At night, the man felt the lack of air and uncomfortable. He woke up in the dark and groping in the dark looking for the room window. He feels the window glass but failed to open it. When he managed to reach his shoe, he smashed the window. He went back to bed and sleep well until morning. In the morning, when he woke up he found that the window was still closed and that the broken glass is actually a closet mirror in the room!

In this story it is clear that the man believes that the window of his room was open, and he began to feel comfortable. This happens due to the mental picture in his mind. Likewise, when we see someone peeling an onion, there are people who will begin to shed tears when seeing others peeling onions though he was some distance from the place. This happened exactly because of the reflection in the mind. Similarly, when someone yawns in a room, it will be followed by others. This occurs because of the mental picture that's already planted in our minds, and causes us to act as envisaged.

As we talk about reflection in the mind, it is necessary to distinguish between mental picture and daydream. There are those who daydreaming in the day, that they envisage to achieve something and be happy about the situation they were successful of. However, all their effort and thought finished after their daydream. On the other hands, mental picture is an effort to imagine something to be desired, and then begin to act in order to achieve these things. The reflection turned into action. This is what luring success to you. Indeed, will, is a real motivation to bring success in the life of individuals and progress in the world. Everything we do starts with desire, whether it is ours or others. The stronger the desire, the more powerful the result is. Through this will, mental picture will be sustained in the mind and realized in the real world.

Mind Is Reflection Of What You Want To Be
Mind Is Reflection Of What You Want To Be

One way to maintain a reflection of our desires is through the use of technique 'willingness card'. Take some blank cards that are not so large in size (approximately 10cm x 10cm) and write down the things to your liking. Write a few words, such as 'work', 'supply contracts', 'sweepstakes', 'home' and so on, of what you are trying to achieve. Put these cards at strategic places that always can be seen, for example; at home, in the bedroom, in the bathroom, in the office, in the car and so on. Whenever looking at the card, you will be reminded of the will, and it will become stronger over time. At night before bed and upon waking from sleep, imagine the matter again. This can also be done during the day. The stronger the mental image, the stronger the suggestion to the magical mind. You may not know about how your magical mind does it job, but for sure it will. You will begin to do things, consciously or unconsciously, that will help you to achieve the goals. There are many signs that you will get from your own magical mind and you should do it. There is also an opinion saying that dream is one of the channels for your mind to communicate with you. A direction given by magical mind which is incomprehensible will be closely followed by a nightmare which is one way to tell you that you should be aware of its signs. If you follow the intuition to do things as directed, you will be personally surprised at the results. At first you may not be able to see the success or the last result but each treatment will lead to the achievement of the final result of achieving that desire.


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