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The Power of Benevolence in Dealing with Electronic Harassment

Updated on August 17, 2011

Positive Attitude a Must to Survive Stalking

I've found many techniques for "beating the system". Here is a technique that is a sure-fire way to help we (the electronically-harassed) escape from the Hell our life often feels like: feel positivity towards your environment. People, things, animals, children, the environment all constitute things we can feel good about. It's almost always the LAST thing that we feel like doing in the face of the pain and psychological suffering we are all feeling, but it can/will save your life. It will also IMPROVE your life to think like this.

Think of everyone and everything in your environment as a mirror which reflects whatever your: thoughts, intentions and feelings are. If you think of the people around you as good, you are much less inclined to feel paranoid. Paranoia is something that results in an ever-worsening downward-spiral ending in a place you really don't want to be. I've survived yet another near-death experience and I can tell you exactly why and how it occurred. I became so enraged by my circumstance that I asked for "Dark Power" to protect me from the harassment and give me the power to avenge myself against the phenomenon responsible for making me so utterly miserable. Everything SEEMED TO go away, but the next day I awoke to 2-3 hours of "Hotel California" followed by: 1. Awful, disturbing thoughts 2. The belief that I would die that very day and 3. Profuse body-sweating, cramping muscles and the feeling I was going to have a "Heart-Attack".

In addition to this episode, I felt completely cut-off from God and that I WAS the very thing that I thought had been "hunting" me. So if you go to "Badness/Darkness/Evil" for help, you wind up being the very thing that had you so worked-up. With adequate sleep, this feeling went away and I could again feel the connection to God via the "Salvation Frequency". I should've jumped for joy and kissed the ground, but I've numbed my emotions so much that I can miss GOOD THINGS as well as the bad things. Well today, I'm thrilled to know that I can again hear the "Whisper of God". Remember: it's "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhh" NOT "Ahhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhh, AHHHH-AHHHH". This latter one is an "imposter frequency" which leads you to further levels of: despair, pain and mental deterioration. Also, you get nothing but this if you ABUSE the Salvation Frequency. This rhythmic sound is designed to protect the righteous, not so we can do anything we feel like (especially if it is sinful).

You can use it to shut out Evil Thoughts which disgust you to the point of near-madness. You can use it to comfort people near you who haven't been "converted". Maybe it can help redeem people who have been, but that is purely my theory. Notice how it rids your mind of disturbing ideation, how people who are "normal" are drawn to you and how PEACEFUL you feel. Do it for the sake of helping others and keeping your mind free from disturbing, sinful thoughts. You can pray for others while doing this. You can pray for our world while doing this. These are all very useful and good things. Even now, I feel myself embarking on a better path.

Another thing that makes real good sense is the statement: "I am a prison". The more you focus on yourself and your desires, the more tightly bonded you become to whatever you think is "after you". The LESS you think of yourself, the less the pain/psychological angst you feel will bother you. The MORE you place others before yourself, the more you understand. I couldn't think of anything else to do but: take medication to shut out these "weird feelings", working out or playing Halo. The mind who isn't seeking to help others is in a prison composed of whatever desires it has. Mine was: revenge, anger, fame for "beating the system", causing a turbulent uprising and just feeling really really good for not much of any reason.

This advice is spelled-out more clearly because I can see it easily now. That's why indulging your "lower appetites" is not a good move: you forget HOW GOOD IT FELT to truly be helping others. It is like the price of primitive-indulgence is a lower level of intelligence and an inability to remember the freedom you truly possessed while DOING GOOD THINGS. Because you cannot remember, you stay focused on your primitive desires and superficial aspects of your existence. You become easily angered by some of the feelings you get and you are very likely to BLAME some group for your irritation. This actually makes the irritation GROW into: suffering, despair, desperation and paranoia.........UNLESS you realize that what you TRULY NEED is: positive-regard for every person around you, a LACK of blaming anyone else for your suffering, a desire to HELP PEOPLE and a very POSITIVE's all just a vicious circle.

I haven't been very positive for the majority of my existence. I've always put MY feelings before everyone else and I've tended to be very aggressive whenever I felt confronted. Now I can see how it can be turned around. "Stalkers" can only see your negative emotions and desires. If your ATTITUDE IS POSITIVE, you will NOT SEE THEM. The second you think something negative and fail to rid yourself of it, you see "stalkers" or else that thought becomes a sin that is so utterly repulsive to you that it disturbs your mind. There is also a collective body of "good people" who try to give you good advice to make your life better. Typically, I've been so irritated by my situation that I chose to see ALL MESSAGES as bad for me.

I've gone round and round to nearly causing some kind of AWFUL THING to happen to me. Now, I can see the utmost importance in HELPING PEOPLE. I have figured it out many times, but then temptation to "sinful passions" got the best of me and sent me back to my downwardly-spiraling ways. If you can see the positivity in being lucky enough to have been that 1 in hundreds of thousands of sperm to reach the egg, merging to become your precious life, you can see what a wonderful prize you have already won. If you love yourself and your Loved ones, then realize that everyone else is someone's: brother, child, mother, treat them how you would want them to treat you. This is again Biblical Knowledge. This is your Survival Guide AND your guide to finding meaning and happiness in this Century.

if you receive a NEGATIVE THOUGHT, A TEMPTING THOUGHT, ANYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG - KICK IT OUT, REPENT FOR IT AND THEN JUST FORGET ABOUT IT. It is BAIT for which acceptance can mean your death (or something that will feel JUST LIKE IT). I've been unwise enough to accept: wrath (for belittlement), sex(because it felt good), vanity(again because it feels good), greed (for whatever "prizes" I've been promised).......pride (my worst) and Power (which results in mental SLAVERY) over and over again........but I've lived to tell you where it takes you: A very, very Bad Situation. All this stuff is junk you don't want because not only is it FAKE, it's a "shiny thing" with which your very soul can become ensnared.


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    • profile image

      Stacie 6 years ago

      I like "so if you love yourself and your loved ones, then realize that everyone else is someone's; brother, child, mother, father, so treat them how you want them to treat you.". There is such innocence and blessedness in that statement. Thanks Thor, good read!

    • profile image

      Stacie 6 years ago

      Thanks for the info. Thor. On a personal note I take personal inventory every day And ask My higher power to take away any of my shortcomings(resentment, self pity, arrogance) that get in the way of ME growing and learning for HIM.