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The Power of Confidence

Updated on April 9, 2017

What you receive from life, how well you live, promoted, paid, and how are received by others in social situations comes through and by your confidence. The perception of assurance is as important as ability in most circumstances.

Throughout life, people will attempt to strip your confidence usually by putting you down or criticizing you. Doing so gives them a feeling of superiority to you. And if successful, may make you feel inferiority to them. To succeed in life, you must avoid letting this happen. You must have the ability to keep your confidence in any situation.

Choose now to fix solidly in your mind and trust that your abilities and worth are as good as any other. Make this motto yours, "I alone determine my destiny and no one but me can change my opinion of myself." For it is true that no one can make you think less of yourself. Former First Lady Elanor Roosevelt said, "no one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Which is as true today as it was in her time." Resolve now and forever more that you will be the one who regulates your destiny and do it boldly.

How to start building confidence

In my life, I chose to be a perfectionist at my occupation. One of the very best salespeople in my field. I worked so diligently at my job and with my customers, people would think I owned the store where I worked or were related to the owner by birth or marriage. I let them believe this without ever saying yes or no.

I came from humble beginnings. My father was divorced and raising five children while working as a policeman. He often worked two part-time jobs. At times I worked with him delivering flyers to homes in Washington, D.C. Sometimes in the worst neighborhoods.

My stature was never tall or muscular. Often other children would pick on me. Although I boxed in the ring for 10 years, I only won once. So intimidation became a part of my daily routine.

Something in me took notice of the things going on around me. When a teenager I worked to get the money to pay for drivers education. My friends couldn't hold a job. I had money when they had none. I had a drivers license, and they did not, and they became dependent on me for transportation, that is when I had use of the family car. Thus this was to be my first lesson in confidence. I had something others wanted, mobility, even though I was the weakling that was picked on from my earliest years.

From that experience, I decided to become a master at any job I undertook. I became so good at what I did I became indispensable at work. From there I began increasing my vocabulary and making minor improvements when I saw them necessary.

That is the real secret to building your self-confidence. To grab ahold of something and mastering it. To become better at one thing and then the next, while avoiding those people who drag you down and make you feel inferior. Which they cannot because they would not be as good in an honest comparison.

Fast forwarding nearly fifty years, I have a good job, with a nice income and live better than all of those people that who put me down and would have held me back. By slowly improving myself and my self-worth as I moved through life.

What you can do for yourself

Low self-esteem can lead to ill health and even mental illness, such as depression. The cause may be rooted in early childhood development, abuse, and traumatic experiences throughout life. Overcoming these events will take time and patience. But you can do it by latching onto one thing at a time and improving until mastery.

Anyone can master one thing, such as a sport, game, or job. Determine to be the very best without boasting of it to anyone. Then do it. Once you do, you will feel the power that comes with being the very best. Afterward, you can take on another challenge. Master that and move forward.

Next, you can begin the process of elimination of the negative influences in your life, whether it be a person or many people, habit, or even the thought of inferiority. You must eliminate all hostility from your life and find your balance.

You may and should practice positive reinforcement every day and be sure to count the good in your life without measuring it to someone else. What matters most is what you can do with full assurance that you are confident and able. Knowing you are confident in one area of life will lead to many others and give you the power of confidence.


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