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If You Want a Quiet and Simple Life

Updated on May 21, 2013

Trying Not to Be Too Busy

I was wrong when I thought I could do everything I have been committed to doing. Often I got confused if always being busy is making the most of my job.

Over-committing to something is not impressive, but stressful. If you're already skipping meals because you are so busy then what you are doing is unhealthy and not impressive at all. You're making yourself sick. Getting a simpler life is accepting that you can’t do everything. Did you get a reward "being so busy?"

Slow Down by
Slow Down by

Slow down.

I just realized that many times I already would reply with “I'm okay but so busy” when someone asks me "How are you, Tonette?" It could've been better if I said something like, “busy but making changes so I can slow down” or "great! just doing things done slowly." But it wasn't.

What I learned?.... Giving attention to a moment's interest instead of thinking about other things to do next, relaxes the mind. So what if I can't finish a day's task? There's tomorrow!

Giving Time to Solitude

Simply parking your car somewhere quiet after work gives you time for solitude. Look at the stars in a cool beautiful sky then tell me how it feels. Wake up as early as the birds start to chirp and thank God for the wonderful sleep, what effect has it on you?

If you find inner peace sitting at the park watching people and cars pass by as the sun sets, it means you already have learned to be comfortable with your own silence.

Sometimes we don’t need to go to places or a group of friends to have a good time. Even an hour of putting our cell phones away, shutting down our laptop, and freeing ourselves with anything is already giving time for ourselves.

Receiving Holy Communion Brings Peace and Healing
Receiving Holy Communion Brings Peace and Healing

I find complete solitude in the Holy Mass. I find peace and happiness. Asking for God's help and healing is a very Powerful Grace after a day's work. Coming home filled with our LORD JESUS CHRIST is a very beautiful feeling more than anyone could ever ask for. It is refreshing and replenishing.

Value for the Hard Earned Money

It is said that it is simple for a rich man to buy anything he wants, but if he does not know how to use his money properly, it cannot bring simplicity to his life.

Personally, there is nothing like buying almost anything you want in a swipe of a card. Who wouldn't? But honestly, there was so little of a piece of mind but glamor. When I stopped using credit cards (after bills and bills to be paid off), my life became simpler and more relaxing. Though it began to limit me to buy only things that my cash could afford, the "no more bills, no more headache" has allowed me to enjoy and value my hard-earned money more.

For almost fifteen years without credit cards, living within my means has taught me to buy the things I needed more than those I wanted. It also has brought me more values back into my life - contentment and simplicity. If you know how to handle your credit cards wisely, you are lucky.

Believe that YOU CAN FORGIVE

Losing mom almost 30 years ago effected my father so much. He was a small business owner. As a teenager, I was bummed that the person he trusted for his company could rig him out of what he has built ending him brokenhearted and financially broke. Did those people think the company was that big enough for stealing to sound like an excuse for what they have done?

I was kind of grasping for some "old friends and kinsfolk presence", but there seemed to have no one there for Dad through those tough times when there used to be "them" around.

My father's philosophy was always "pick yourself up and start again", but he never again composed himself, he was worst. We presumed mother was very important. We began pulling away and live quietly going by a little lost and hurt. I can't say I (we in the family) have complete peace of mind, however, and I thought we would never have as long as we continue remembering.

Now my father is 80, must we help him begin to gain the lost esteem?


I believe the most valuable esteem dad built over the years was a heart for forgiveness. He never allowed bitterness to brew hate, and though it was VERY hard to do that, trusting in God's Sanctifying Grace has little by little honed our hearts to do the same.

By starting anew we have shown those people that dad was never defeated. He is still very rich in the love of Christ. Dad was right, in any life's crisis, you can still live a peaceful, successful and happy life if you forgive. Today, friends and folks are back and Dad has even more people around him whom he love and more fond of - his grandchildren!

Hopefully my cheapskate experience can help you get a quiet and simpler life too, which is why I share them here.


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    • Tonipet profile image

      Tonette Fornillos 6 years ago from The City of Generals

      Hi prasetio,

      Glad to know you learned something from the hub, many thanks for the vote too. All the best!


    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 6 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Very inspiring hub. Thanks for writing and share with us. I learn many things from you. Rated up and take care!