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The Power of Influence in Life

Updated on July 7, 2012

In life, friends occupy quite a percentage in terms of love, caring and affection. They are a strong foundation and normally influential. In the modern world, we are led to believe that peer pressure is only found among the youth. It is also estimated that for a person to be considered mature fully, he or she must be of 29 years onwards. This statistics are both true in real life but not 100% true.

Influence is something that can get a person in a really big mess. Our peers regardless of age happen to be the most influential tool in our lives. No matter how long you will live, be sure that your buddies and friends will always influence you to do things. A certain Kenyan music artist was once asked which part he would not dare do in his acting career during a TV interview. The artist answered in a very poetic manner, “I would not play a role of a gay person because I will be influencing somebody somewhere without knowing. It isn’t that I have something against the gay community but I believe a man was meant for a woman.”

In the Islamic community, Muslims are advised and to some level “restricted” to stick to the peer of their own religion in order to avoid being influenced to do evil. This is from the perspective of religion, what about our own real lives? Surely no one lacks a friend in this world. Even Satan has friends, followers and enemies too. Having friends can be beneficial or catastrophic based on the way we relate with them. It’s good to impress your friends and maintain a good relation with them but not at the expense of your loved ones, religion and your own life.

Just because your friend drinks doesn’t mean you should too. He or she might invite you to accompany them to the bar but seriously, does that mean you should drink too? No! If you drink let it be out of your own desire and not because you saw them drink or you felt like the odd one out. As much as you love and care for your friends try your best not to end up becoming addicted to them such that they become your remote control in doing vices. Remember vices add nothing to your public image apart from defaming your personality.

Religion is a great mentor in life although most of us ignore. A person who keeps in line with religion knows that Influence of friends can be a great weapon of self destruction in life. We love them, care for them or even die for them but not SIN for them. Let’s keep in mind that your life account is yours and yours alone. You will be the one to answer to your Maker and not your friend so take the remote and control your own life in a manner that you feel is right.

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