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The Power of Living In The Now

Updated on May 1, 2012

Make Each Moment The Best

I believe that we all want the same things in life and that is to be happy. Some people try to find happiness outside of themselves by buying this or that. The happiness that it brings is not long lasting, maybe a couple of months or so and thats it. The happiness they feel eventually wears off and it's onto the next and newest product. So many look beyond themselves for that happy place. That happy place is inside of each and every one of us. You must go within yourself to find that peaceful and serene place within the silence of you. You will find that happy place in your heart and if you think, act and react from the heart, the direction will then be pointed to happiness and genuine lasting also. The heart doesn't lie and it dictates an honesty and goodness where nothing else compares and it brings out the best in you and I. Those who think from the heart will walk the Happy Road of life with a gracious smile. Those who think from the heart have a knowing about themselves that cannot be conquered by any force. Its a knowing that brings forth confidence, peace, love, faith where the senses are on alert and the sixth sense becomes very active. Each day in one that lives from the heart brings forth a day of happiness, gratitude and the joy to be alive is in abundance. Each day can bring forth a great day! Make each moment a great one, the best it can be.

The way that I view the world has changed in the last eight years due to a life changing experience. I appreciate everyday and I have unconditional love for everyone I see. I love the light within everyone which may be blocked and thats why so many live a life filled with undue stress and sadness. I look at the world as though it is a school or a set and each interaction, situation or circumstance is the class or role. I intend to be the best student in each and every class I partake in. Being the best student means that I am fully aware of each moment and I align with all that is good in each of these moments. By being the best I can be brings forth a positive interaction, situation or circumstance. I can walk away proud everytime and feel positive about myself in everyway.

We have many, many moments in our days, so many infact that its hard for us to keep up. So lets make each moment count. It doesn't matter where you are....always align with see the positive in all things and think good thoughts towards others always. Have a state of mind that doesn't judge or compare and do not try to control each moment. Let the moments unfold unto you graciously with no force. Don't try to calculate a perfect outcome for I find the more I tried to control a situation the worse the situation got. When I left things alone, they seemed to work out ok.

When we make each moment count and put our best foot forward in each of these moments we are building good moments upon good moments. Before you know it, many days have passed and the way we feel is reflected by our smiles and stress free mind. Our days are happier and we in turn become healthier. Also, be mindful within all moments. Try not to let your thoughts get control of you thinking so much jibberish. Use all your senses within each moment and dive into that moment and only that moment. Be awake and aware to every minute that passes in our days for before you know it, we are old and we will have wondered where our life went. I don't want to lose my life or not know where it went from year to year. I find that being mindful imbeds the moments more in our memory as they take on more meaning and value. Being mindful also means to not get distracted, not only by other thoughts trying to creep in but other distractions like the tv or radio. I find that when I eliminate the noise from say, the tv, my mind says thank-you. Thanks for the silence, I needed it. Within the silence I can think more clearly, make better choices and honestly feel better within myself. When I am in the presence of viewing a commercial on tV it's like my head starts to ache actually. Its a though the vibrations off the tv are interfering with my peaceful mind and I believe that the tv intrudes on my mind in many ways. It bombardes me with alot of stuff that I do not need to see, hear or go and buy. So many go buy and buy and they wonder why they are so in debt. If you can't stop watching least mute the commercials. You feel better after the first time....its as though my mind goes auhhhhhhhhh to the pece and serenity that the silence brings forth.

So be the best person you can be within each thought you think, each action and reaction you partake in. Be the best you can be in each response to every situation or circumstnace. Being the best is aligning with the source that created you. That source is in you and it is of good. Align with goodness, kindness and you aligning with Source. Peace will come unto thee and the mind will be serene. So enjoy each moment and may you get an A+ on each class of life. We have thousands of classes to attend and if you don't get each class right, learn from your mistakes so the next class of life will be easier. May you flow effortlessly from day to day with the ease of a peaceful mind and may your heart direct the way for you to connect with the light of your being. Go into thyself in order to find your light.

Tammy Mackey


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    • Cyndi10 profile image

      Cynthia B Turner 6 years ago from Georgia

      Thought provoking article. Living in the moment and appreciating it for what it is, that's one of the strongest messages I get from your article. Happiness can come from appreciating all that is good in our lives. Great writing. Voted up.