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The Pöwer of Owning Up Our Responsibility

Updated on October 21, 2012
Fleeting but Present-Here and Now
Fleeting but Present-Here and Now | Source

Why do we believe that our happiness depends on someone's behaving according to our expectations?

Our only responsibility is to accept the here and now, including whatever we are feeling at the moment, to let the moment reveal its wisdom.

The only time there is is Now. To lift the veil that conceals God’s Presence, things of the past and of the future must be let go. The only pathway to God is found in the Here and Now.

Unhealthy Beliefs, Insane Behavior

Most people believe that it is because of the other’s behavior or external circumstances that we can or should either be happy or sad. The bad news is this thinking leads to one’s giving up one’s freedom and letting one’s state of mind and thus happiness become dependent on external circumstances.

The wise person maintains an inner reservoir of calm and thus opens himself to the sacred---joy, peace and love beyond the façade of polarities or the seeming negativity or positivity, of external events.

The Narrow Road May Not Be That Narrow

We all seem to be slaves to our stimulus-response patterns that seem too difficult to overcome. Actually it does seem that way in the beginning.

Whenever someone hurts us, our reflex is to strike back. But there is hope. There are techniques (for example, 4Rs) that can be applied starting with easier situations, with milder emotions.

As one religiously practices even on simpler situations, one’s spiritual muscles develop and one advances to the next level---perceiving the sacred or Soul even behind negative experiences.

The Pearl of Great Price

With that, we rise above polarity. This is the pearl of great price that I have been sharing with my friends---freedom. What more is there to ask for when everything reveals God’s Presence---joy, peace and love. No more feeling like a victim, subject to what others think and do towards us. God’s love is the sole controller or our lives. God’s will is the sole road map.

Uncovering this pearl took a long and arduous process. The processes on how this pearl of great price revealed itself was shared through Quirinus hubs and is traced backwards in summary in the article, Divine Translation: From Z to A . There are other spiritual practices that give the same opportunity for getting in touch with the God within.

Our Responsibility

Using our negative feelings to develop Presence can be a powerful spiritual practice.

Our responsibility is to use our feelings or emotions as a kind of signal to get back to being present, that is, accepting the moment as it is, refraining from judging or resorting to our usual behavior of blaming others' actions for our circumstances.

Owning Up Our Responsibility

Our negative emotions are a separate event from the other’s behavior or external circumstances. We are illusioned to think that we can control other people or external events. It is only our end of the equation that is within our true control. Blaming others is forfeiting our chance to learn the moment’s wisdom.

The opposite is learning the wisdom from the moment, which is revealed as we accept especially our negative emotions. This is the amazing thing about owning up. Our negative emotions become our source of wisdom, as they reveal the joy, peace and love behind the façade of the event.

Whenever there is an emotion we tend to reject or not understand, we can remind our self:

In the light of your acceptance, everything turns to sweetness.

The Beauty of Team Work

Once we have learned to accept the moment and take responsibility for our feelings or emotions, we learn that having owned up our responsibility, the peace of God that surpasseth all understanding takes hold of us. It feels that even nature and everything around us work to our service, to remind us to constantly be present and stay tuned to God. We find that God and his creation have teamed up with us.

And as we realize that God is in everything that we see because God is in our mind, we should then learn to balance our owning up the responsibility with sharing in team work---seeking God and his helpers to be steadfast in our spiritual practice, to use faith in keeping on asking for the things we need, even though God knows what our needs are ahead of time.

Owning up our responsibility and working with God and His helpers---

Our needs are then met without effort.


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