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The Power of Peroxide A-Z

Updated on November 15, 2013
Peroxide can be used for so many things!
Peroxide can be used for so many things! | Source
Hydrogen Peroxide broken down as a chemical component
Hydrogen Peroxide broken down as a chemical component | Source

So, What's the Deal with Peroxide?

Shirley Stevens Videon ("The Green Granny) is the sole author of "Little Book of Things to Try: Homemade Soaps, Bug Sprays, Remedies, etc." She includes a section that describes how there are so many uses for typical hydrogen peroxide. Upon reading it, I discovered that there are WAY more uses for peroxide than I ever imagined! And you know what? They're all safe, too!

I like how she introduces this section of her book: "Hydrogen peroxide is basically oxygen water because it is the same chemical make up as water except it has an extra oxygen atom (H202) which is why it breaks down quickly and harmlessly into oxygen and water making it safe to use."

If you want a copy for your Kindle, click the link below: Only $1.99
If you want a copy for your Kindle, click the link below: Only $1.99 | Source

Peroxide Did You Knows:

  • You can find peroxide in all living things
  • Your body's white blood cells fight infection and bacteria by releasing hydrogen peroxide components
  • You actually eat hydrogen peroxide because the fruits and veggies you consume produce it
  • It is found in large doses in colostrum (a mother's first milk); this is transferred to her infant, boosting his/her immune system
  • Hydrogen peroxide can be found in rainwater because some of the water in the atmosphere gains an extra oxygen atom from the ozone; this helps plants to grow quicker

Using peroxide is a safe alternative for cleaning your fish tank
Using peroxide is a safe alternative for cleaning your fish tank | Source

Peroxide Uses A-Z:

Acne: Say bye-bye to pesky pimples by dabbing a little peroxide on your acne to clear your skin

Aquariums: You can use peroxide to maintain the fungi and algae in your tank. It won't harm your fish, but just to be safe, use in small amounts

Bathtub Grout: make sure your grout surface is completely dry. Spray with peroxide solution, let sit for a while, and scrub with an old scrub brush

Brushing Your Teeth: make a paste using both baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Apply like toothpaste and brush. This mix helps prevent gingivitis and kills bacteria.

(Bonus: add a little salt to the mix to help with whitening. It doesn't taste the best, but I guarantee, it gets the job done)

Peroxide helps to whiten your teeth and freshen your breath
Peroxide helps to whiten your teeth and freshen your breath | Source
Add some more cleaning power to your dish solution by adding a little peroxide
Add some more cleaning power to your dish solution by adding a little peroxide | Source

Cleaners for Cutting Boards & Countertops: Spray surface with hydrogen peroxide solution, let bubble, and then rinse and wipe clean

De-Skunking Solution: Who wants to smell like tomato juice on top of the skunk funk? Not me! How about this? Mix together 1 quart peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda, 1 tsp. Dawn dish soap, and 2 quarts of warm water. Bathe in solution and smell loads better :)

Peroxide Detox: Did you know that by adding half a bottle of peroxide to a warm bath can help detoxify your body? I didn't.

Add some Jazz to Dishwashing: Add about 2 ounces of peroxide to your dish soap or dish detergent and use as normal. This increases the "clean" factor to dishwashing.

Ear Gunk Removal: Drop a few drops of pure olive/almond/sweet oil into your ear, add a few drops of peroxide, relax a few minutes, tilt your head so the ear wax and solution can fall out. Repeat in the other ear

Cleaner Floors: Mix 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide with one gallon of hot water and mop your floors as usual. No need for rinsing, and as a bonus, it sanitizes and cleans your floors.

Remove Foot Fungus: Spray your feet with a mixture of 1/2 peroxide, 1/2 water every night and let dry completely

(Bonus: For smoother feet, soak feet in peroxide solution. This helps to soften calluses and corns and also removes any infection from minor abrasions)

Highlight Your Hair: Who needs bleach when you've got peroxide? If you want that icy highlighted feel to your hair, create a mixture of 1/2 & 1/2 water and peroxide solution and spray on to wet hair.

Clean Humidifiers and Steamers: Cleaning these with vinegar is efficient, but the smell can be quite funky at times. Why not try this? Clean your humidifiers and steamers using 1 pint to every gallon of water. It removes bacteria without the smell

Peroxide is safe for kids to be around and won't cause irritation if the fumes are breathed in
Peroxide is safe for kids to be around and won't cause irritation if the fumes are breathed in | Source

Clean Kid's Toys and Play Area: Peroxide is a safe alternative for sanitizing your children's toys and play area. It doesn't cause irritation to your lungs and is safe to use around children. Spray items (whatever your child plays with or touches) with a peroxide solution and wipe clean. It sanitizes and reduces the spread of germs.

Mouthwash: Don't spend big bucks on high priced mouthwashes. Rinse your mouth using a 1/2 & 1/2 mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide. It not only freshens your breath, but it also kills the nasty bacteria that causes halitosis.

Pan Cleaner: Don't ruin your pans by scrubbing them with steel wool. Create a paste using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, rub it on the dirty pan, let sit, and lightly scrub with warm water using a soft cloth or sponge.

Peroxide can eliminate the presence of fungi on your plants
Peroxide can eliminate the presence of fungi on your plants | Source

Plants: if you love your plants and spritz them daily, add a little peroxide to your water bottle and apply as usual to increase its longevity. The peroxide eliminates and wards off any present fungus.

Appliance Cleaner: Peroxide is safe to use around food and dishes. Wipe down your fridge and dishwasher using a peroxide solution. It eliminates bacteria and keeps your food safe.

Remove Yellowing: It's a given that your whites will yellow over time. Remember, if it's not whitening, it's yellowing. To keep this from happening, soak any whites (like curtains, or tablecloths) in a sink/bath full of cold water mixed with 2 cups of peroxide for about an hour. Rinse with cold water and hang to dry.

Keep your salad fresh by spritzing it with peroxide
Keep your salad fresh by spritzing it with peroxide | Source

Save the Salad: Did you know that peroxide can preserve your salad? Yep! All you have to do is make a spray solution of 1 tbsp of peroxide mixed with a 1/2 cup of water and spray on any leftover salad. Drain excess solution and refrigerate. This keeps it from wilting.

(Bonus: This same mixture can also be used to sanitize your children's lunch boxes/bags)

Seeds and Plants: Use 1 part peroxide and 32 parts water to improve your plants growth. Spray mixture on your seeds daily. It helps seeds sprout new plants.

Shower Curtain Sanitizer: To get your shower curtains squeaky clean, wash curtain and a bath towel with your regular detergent and add 1 cup of peroxide to the rinse cycle. Guaranteed to clean.

Eliminate Funky Sponge Smell: Sometimes your sponge creates a musty odor when used several times. What better way to eliminate it than by using peroxide? Soak your stinky sponge in a shallow dish for 10 minutes in a 1/2 & 1/2 mixture of warm water and peroxide. Be sure to rinse thoroughly when finished.

Showers: Did you know that you can use peroxide to clean your shower? Spray solution throughout shower, let sit, and rinse. No more buying shower cleaning solutions! Whoot!

Remove stains using peroxide
Remove stains using peroxide | Source
Eliminate musty odors by adding peroxide to your washing machine
Eliminate musty odors by adding peroxide to your washing machine | Source

Remove Stains: I hate stains! Whether they're on my shirt, pants, or tablecloth, they get on my nerves--especially when I can't get them out (and when the clothes are white)! Luckily, I discovered that you can soak your stains in peroxide before washing to remove them.

(Bonus: To ensure the stain's demise add 1 cup of peroxide to a load of whites. This sanitizes and increases brightness. This is a safe alternative to bleach).

Toilet Bowl Cleaner: Imagine all the chemicals you use to clean your toilet and how expensive they can be. Save money in your wallet by pouring 1/2 cup of peroxide in your toilet bowl. Let sit for about 20 minutes, and scrub clean. Squeaky clean toilet and no harmful chemicals :D.

Toothbrush Cleaner: It's a given fact that your toothbrush collects germs. There's no getting around it; but there is a way to eliminate it. Soak your toothbrush in peroxide between uses to prevent germs.

Smelly Towels: Don't you hate that musty smell your towels get from your washing machine? Peroxide to the rescue! Create a mixture of 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/2 cup peroxide and add it to your washing machine. Let sit for about 15 minutes and wash as normal. This helps to remove the funky, musty smell, leaving you with fresh smelling towels.

Veggie/Fruit Cleaner: And finally, did you know that you can add 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide to a sink of cold water and use it to wash your fruits and veggies? Yea! It removes any forms of dirt and pesticides, making it more edible and cleaner!

(Bonus: Click the link below to find out which of your fruits and veggies have the most pesticides. You'll want to use the peroxide solution for this)

I hope you were able to get some good information from this! It surely did me some good.

My "Green Granny" grandmother has been such an inspiration to so many people and I want to thank her for allowing me to share this content from her "Little Book of Things to Try." I learn something new everyday and she contributes to this all the time. I love you Gram-Gram! Thanks for being who you are and don't stop writing!

Remember: We've only got one Earth, so Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle!



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    • TabithaECleary profile imageAUTHOR

      Tabitha E Cleary 

      5 years ago from Montgomery, AL

      Agreed! I was surprised when I found the uses.

    • PinkCandyCottage profile image


      5 years ago from Phoenix

      Excellent tips for using hydrogen peroxide in our homes. It's great to know there are so many uses. Plus, it's economical and green.

    • TabithaECleary profile imageAUTHOR

      Tabitha E Cleary 

      5 years ago from Montgomery, AL

      Thanks a bunch, Mekenzie! I am so glad you liked it :D. I will be posting more "green" home remedies and I hope you will be able to use those, as well. Many blessings to you!

    • Mekenzie profile image

      Susan Ream 

      5 years ago from Michigan

      I love this article. I'm always looking for 'green' products and hydrogen peroxide is cheap too. Thanks for writing this I learned some new cleaning tricks.

      I'm bookmarking this and voting up and sharing.




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