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The Prevention of microbial infections

Updated on December 17, 2015

Microbial Infections




A clean environment


The treatment of viral infections is more difficult than that of bacterial infections.

The various ways of preventing microbial infections are as follows -

A clean environment (clean surroundings) should be maintained to prevent microbial infections. The natural defences of the body (or immunity) to fight diseases should be maintained to prevent microbial infections. This can be done by eating balanced diet and keeping personal hygiene. Clean drinking water is necessary for the prevention of microbial diseases or infections. Water in pods and rivers is usually contaminated with human excreta, cattle dung, and disease using causing germs like bacteria. Such water should be properly filtered and boiled before drinking. Otherwise it will spread infection.

The garbage bins as well as food containers should be kept covered properly to prevent microbial infections through flies. This can be explained as follows. The house – fly is a common carrier of disease – causing (infection causing) micro – organisms or germs. When the files sin on uncovered garbage dumps, human excreta, then the disease – causing germs present in garbage dumps, human excreta or other decaying matter stick to the feet, hair and other parts of the files. Now, when these flies sit on uncovered food materials, then they transfer the disease - causing micro – organisms to the food. When people eat this infected food, they fall ill. But if both, the garbage bins and food containers ate covered properly with lids, then the microbial infection spread by files can be prevented. In addition to spoiling the food by infection, files cause infection of the eyes and skin wounds.

Our body itself has devised some mechanisms of preventing the everyday microbial infections. Various natural factors which help in preventing the entry of disease – causing micro – organisms in our body and destroying them are- a) white cells (WBC), b) skin, c) hair, d) mucous membranes, e) eye – lids and eye lashes, and f) tears.

Protection from diseases : Vaccination

An important method to protect human beings from various diseases like measles, polio (polio – myelitis), diphtheria, tetanus and typhoid is vaccination at the proper age and time. Since children are more susceptible to these diseases, so all the children should be vaccinated to get immunity from these diseases. In fact, most of the children's diseases can be prevented by vaccination. Vaccinations is a useful technique to develop immunity from various preventable diseases. It is because of a wide – spread vaccination programme that a dangerous disease like smallpox has now been completely eradicated (eliminated) from the whole world.

Treatment of diseases: Antibiotics

Antibiotics are chemical substances produced from living organisms like bacteria and fungi, etc., which can kill or stop the growth of some disease – causing micro – organisms like bacteria, viruses and protozoa. Thus, an antibiotic has the ability to kill the misuses - causing micro – organisms or to inhibit the growth of disease - causing micro – organisms. Some of the important antibiotics which are used for the treatment of disease caused by bacterial and other infection are- i) penicillin ii) tetracycline. iii) streptomycin. iv) chloromycetin.

The treatment of viral infections is more difficult than that of bacterial infections.

Skin infection



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