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The Pros and Cons of HGH Injections

Updated on August 31, 2009

Just What is HGH?

Before the release of human growth hormone (HGH) supplements, HGH injections have been known to be the one and only source of HGH. It was used since many decades ago as therapy for those with growth deficiencies. Before we move to the pros and cons of growth hormone injections, let us try to understand what HGH is first.

The human growth hormone is a hormone naturally secreted by the pituitary gland found in the brain. They are produced abundantly during childhood and adolescence, but production drops as we age. Researchers have established the direct link between low levels of HGH and the aging process. It was discovered that increasing the HGH level in the body will make you feel more youthful and wonderfully invigorated.

Senior Citizen getting injection
Senior Citizen getting injection

HGH Injections - The Pros

Clinical studies have been performed on HGH in injectable form. These studies have proven that HGH is indeed effective in weight loss, growing muscles and bones, improving skin, providing sharper focus, increasing energy and improving sexual drive, among other benefits. It can also promote a healthier immune system function. It is also reported to provide all these benefits relatively fast.

HGH Injections - The Cons

The main disadvantage with the use of HGH injections is that it is rather expensive. A year worth of HGH therapy using injections can cost thousands of dollars. You will expect to pay at least a thousand dollars for a month worth of therapy. This is done through a licensed medical practitioner, so you should expect to have multiple trips to your doctor during the course of the therapy. 

Another con for using injections stems from the fact that you are allowing your body to take HGH from an outside source. When your body becomes dependent to getting HGH somewhere else, your pituitary gland can get affected due to inactivity. The pituitary gland's natural production will tend to slow down. The body will eventually think that this gland is already useless, and time will come that it will stop producing HGH on its own. In relation to this, it has been observed by many taking HGH injections that once you discontinue with the therapy suddenly, you actually feel worse as the pituitary gland's function is disrupted in a bad way. 

It has also been reported that HGH injections can have long-term serious side effects such as increased risk of diabetes, various illnesses, and joint inflammation. There is also the possibility of bone growth deformities, high blood pressure and diabetic coma.

HGH Injections - The Summary

HGH injections are indeed effective. However, if you weigh things, you will notice how they come with a tag price that is too high not only for your wallet, but for your body as well. The weight of the cons definitely overweighs the weight of the pros. Do not be disappointed just yet. There is actually a better side effect-free way to increase your HGH levels and enjoy its many benefits, and this is through HGH supplements. These supplements work with your body and actually enhance the proper functioning of the pituitary, instead of otherwise. 

To summarize, know that although effective, there are risks associated with HGH injections. HGH releaser supplements provide a better and cheaper alternative to injections.


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