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Should Psychiatric Medications Be Taken For Depression and Anxiety?

Updated on February 3, 2021
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The youngest of 10 children, Rosemary started writing as a way to express herself and cope with a diagnosis of bipolar.

This is definitely a questionable subject, and a tricky one, By reading some of Dr. Peter Breggin's books, who is referred to as the "conscience of psychiatry", I've come up with new conclusions, which I would like to share with you. The Medication Journey is a long a painful one--Should I take meds or get off them? These are the questions I've had for a long time and recently came to understand.

Dr. Peter Breggin is a well known psychiatrist who has helped many people in the road of non-medication. He is firmly against psychiatric medication as described in his books Toxic Psychiatry, Your Drug May Be your Problem, and Medication Madness. In these books, he describes how dangerous (psych) meds are for you, how they dull the senses, prevent creativity, and have long term disabling effects including diabetes and high cholesterol. I've always believed in his theory of "Medications are like a chemical lobotomy" I believed in his theory of getting off all medications slowly. But later I learned that this did NOT work for me at all. And never will. I think the important thing is to remove the stigma of medication and embrace it's value.

He is not wrong or right. Telling someone they can and should stop medications (slowly with or with out a doctor's guidance) and admitting there can and very likely will be very difficult or severe withdrawals and have to learn how to deal with life and it's problems, when the "numbing drugs" are pretty much like telling a cocaine addict to stop his cocaine but not give him a rehab to go to . Basically, every person is different. Some may have gotten a bad doctor who misdiagnosed them, and they really don't need psych meds. Some can get by without meds using prayer, meditation, and healthy diet and eating, but let's not forget, that many have a chemical imbalance for whatever reason, and I personally would NOT want to be manic all the time, or severely depressed, or paranoid. So I take my meds. There's no stigma. It's an illness like cancer or diabetes and a diabetic should not ever be so foolish as to skip their insulin and think they're cured, because without Divine intervention, no one is cured! And by the way, in the Gospel it says one must "take us his cross and follow me" if he wants to be saved. So for the born again Christians, Jesus makes it clear we must endure pain to be perfected spiritually like gold in a furnace.

Experimenting with a Doctor's permission and the results

Awhile back, I did, with my doctor's permission, decrease Seroquel slowly from taking 225mg to 50mg. I had "excruciating side effects, mentally and emotionally". During my withdrawal, I had very scary nightmares that were hard to wake up from, and I experienced a severe sensitivity to anything people said, especially those close to me, in which I imagined hurts that weren't meant or not there, I took everything the wrong way and nearly cried over everything. It was so bad, I checked myself into a respite, and suffered it out there.

The reality of psych drugs is they help some and others senses are dulled. Page 176 in Toxic Psychiatry: "Dad is much easier and nicer than before (with Lithium)" while families of the two other subjects complained about theirs being "dull". Sometimes it's better to be dull than too sick to function though. It's a tradeoff.

The brain is a very complex organ. If the body can be sick, so can the brain (mind). I must believe that regular psychiatrists and doctors have good intention when they observe us and test our blood and try us on different meds to try and see a balance in our brains. Our brain is made up of chemicals and mentally ill people lack serotonin. These psych meds try to increase serotonin.

On the other hand, anyone who is suffering from depression, anxiety, etc. should seek talk therapy first before resorting at last to medicine. Unfortunately it appears today the average person does not have the opportunity to a psychotherapist who will use hypnosis and non- medication treatment. Perhaps it's too expensive.

In the movie "Sybil" a very disturbed girl had psychotherapy for 11 years and was cured--true story. If she, who had 12 or so personalities, could be "cured" why couldn't you or I ?? this is a hard question to answer. Do most of us have the time of money for that?

The hard facts

Before medicine came about, there existed asylums filled with thousands for the insane. They were often not fed, or clothed, and lay around misrelate for the rest of their lives, often abused, put in straightjackets, and given high does of electroshock "therapy" which just calmed them down so they would be more docile.

In 1936, Dr. Walter Freeman performed his first lobotomy. He said he invented if because he felt sorry for all the people in the asylums. Previously there was major surgery with lobotomies. Dr. Freeman made it very quick and simple and it only took minutes. The following is a video on Dr. Freeman and his methods of lobotomy. It had either a good effect (on some) or a vegetable effect on others, whereby they needed care like a child permanently.

Alcohol and Illegal Drugs vs. Psych Medications

Alcohol and Drugs can make you very sick if you self medicate. You could lose your job, become moody and difficult to be with, and may lead to many bad things.

Psychiatric Medications are not good for your body either but they may give you a chance for stability when you find the right ones, you could keep your job, and it could help with your mood.

It seems safer to me to take medications although no one really wants to. You should first try therapy and if you need something temporarily to help you out, you may not need it forever, depending on your illness. Some chemical imbalances such as bipolar give a person a need for balance, many not having a choice. Take a look at some famous manic depressives (bipolar people) like Amy Winehouse who just passed away for self medicating, and Britney Spears who shaved her head. Kurt Cobain was also diagnosed and committed suicide. Untreated, any sickness could kill you.

Keep in mind also, that just because some meds cause weight gain as a side effect, if one exercises a lot, and eats very healthy, the weight loss can be fixed, prevented, or at least contained so that they stop gaining weight, as I have noticed this in myself.

Can I get an Amen!

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