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The Right Gym Clothing for Summers

Updated on May 4, 2016

With the ending of the month March, we are most heartily welcoming the month of April. It means the entry of nothing other than the famous Indian summer. We may hate it or love it but cannot escape from hitting the doors of a Gym during summer as well. The typical Indian summers bring sweat and rashes with it so we need to be careful while we choose our suitable outfit to go to the gym.

Why we need to choose the right clothing for summer

The scorching sun causes you to sweat more in summer and when we go to the gym, we work out more which makes us sweat more than what we do normally. And the more you sweat, the more it makes our skin oily and several irritations like burning sensation and rashes can break out. So it is very important to spend a bit on Gym clothing in summer and get the right type of material to complement our skin.

What type of material should we choose?

There are many types of clothing available in the market for our gym workout, but as we need to wear them in the summers, we need to be very careful about the quality of the material.

Cotton Fabrics are the best to be worn as they absorb the sweat from our body and helps it to evaporate in the air making our body cooler. What we should definitely avoid is Synthetic fabric as it does not absorb our sweat, unlike cotton, and may lead to serious skin infections.

What type of color should we choose?

While choosing the right type of gym clothing for summer, we should not only take care about the material but also the color. Choosing the right color for the summers is one of the most important things. Light colors and summer go hand in hand. Colors like white, yellow, pink and beige should be on the top of our wardrobes. These colors not only give us a soothing look but also it helps to reflect some of the sun rays. While on the contrary, dark colors are said to be absorbing the sun rays making us feel hot. While in Gym, in all probable we are in an air conditioned room, but still wearing light colored outfits will help to boost our energy to workout.

What type of clothes should we choose?

In summer, it is advisable to wear loose clothes, but while we are going to work out in the Gym, we have to wear body complimenting clothes. It should neither be too loose nor too tight. To make sure that our hair should not fall on our face and lest the sweat enters our eyes, we should wear a hair band. Cool gym bands are available in stores to wear during our work out.

So, be it winter or summer, we have to the hit the gym to keep our bodies toned. Thus, choosing the right kind of clothes is as important as working our sweats out in the gym!


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