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The Right Mindset When Life Falls Apart

Updated on August 3, 2016

Young and In-Control

At such a young age, you dream of a lot things - to be "SOMEBODY". You're definitely the go-getter type of person, the one who wants to always be at the top or in control. In school, you were always the topnotcher, the most intelligent one who ought to be envied by your classmates. You graduated valedictorian despite being socially-active with the extra-curricular activities in school. You were always the champion in every quizbee contests, be it in Math, Science and Spelling. Then you got into college, you still graduated with honors. After college, life happened. You can't become a doctor because of lack of finances. You tried to look for a scholarship but your parents need you. They’re sick and need your assistance. The world does not revolve around you anymore. There are so many things you couldn’t control. You realized that life is not just about your dream of becoming a doctor. There are some things in life that needs your attention now – your parents and their health, your health and relationships.

Success As Defined By Your Social Group

What is success for you? You would then look at your friends only to be dismayed at how much they have already achieved in their life. They are doctors while some turned out to be rich businessmen who have more than enough to raise a family or travel the world. Well, it does hurt you seeing their Facebook posts of how much they are enjoying their lives right now and that makes you question God. You’ve tried to be “SUCCESSFUL” but why---Why life has never happened to me? Why am I still in this miserable life? Am I a bad person to deserve all these sufferings? You might feel so stuck, miserable, and depressed. You’ve got so many questions that are left unanswered....

Wait For Your Shining Moment

Well, maybe it isn’t your time yet to shine. You still need time....Patience is a virtue. The greatest learning probably at this stage in your life is to know that you have a different timetable. It’s you and God who are holding the steering wheel. Maybe, God is in the upper hand now. Success might not be happening now but you still have a lifetime. It doesn't mean that it's not going to happen -- it is yet to happen. You've got to learn to wake up in the morning valuing only the present moment. Learn to be content of what you have now and stop looking at other people’s lives. You've got to be thankful that you are given another day. That in itself is already a gift. You will not see the better side of your life by always comparing yourself with others. Your measure of success should not be based on other’s accomplishment. There are personal successes others wouldn’t understand like being strong for your family, focused at work despite family problems or persistent even with a small salary. You should be proud of yourself with your own accomplishments because some already quit living when life is hard.

Get Ready for Success

Maybe, you have to look inwards. What is it that I need to change? What is it that I need to hone to get there? What is it I need to build? You’ve got to discover some other aspects of yourself that are yet to be discovered. Are you good in writing, extemporaneous speech or hosting? Don’t stay stuck in just dreaming to be a doctor. Widen your perspective. Learn to explore your other capabilities. Maybe, you are not meant to be a doctor but meant to be a famous newscaster or writer. Maybe God is still preparing you little by little to have the necessary skills and maturity to attain success. Learn from butterflies their willingness to wait inside their cocoon to form the wings they need to fly. In every step, know there is a purpose. Out of those struggles, you will build the necessary strength for you to learn how to fly high. Life does not give you immediately what you want. You have to go through every struggle to mold you into “SOMEBODY.” You just need to add in more faith, persistence and perseverance. Prepare for that crowning glory....Find out what you're suppose to work on...then hope that one day-- you will be eligible for have that badge of honor -- to be a famous, successful and respectable man.


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