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The Right To Life, Liberty and The Pursuit Of Happiness

Updated on August 6, 2016







We are all "ONE" If we want to "BE".

To"BE" or not to "BE" that is the "Question"?.

Whether it's "NOBLER" in the "MIND" to suffer the slings and arrows of fortune or to march into hell for a heavenly cause?

Heaven and hell are both parts of the "WHOLE" but eventually only heaven will exist and those who wish to remain in hell are to start over again and will die the second death as the new testament reveals.The first death is bodily death.

The second death is the death of "soul" or "knowledge".

The spirit which comes from GOD lives forever.

God harvests the wheat from the chaff just as "ONE" who tills the soil in order to get a good crop or plants a fig tree that should produce good fruit otherwise the tree is ripped from the soil and burnt to purify it and return it to the soil.

This is why "ONE" should strive to be "ONE" in spirit and mind.

"THE Borg" are like machines - without choice or the freedom to create.

Individual's are from the "ONE" GOD!

God is like a rose with thorns.

The thorns keep away those who would attempt to pick the flower before it blooms and produces fruit.

All faiths have those who attempt to deflower GOD's fol-lowers no matter what faith - CHRISTIAN MUSLIM JEW ETC...

All religions have their fanatics or zealots just as all sports teams have their fan-addicts.

Terrorists can be governments as well as zealots and or fanatics.

The definition of a terrorist seems to be only the opinion of those who call other's terrorist's

Their are those in government who are willing to call anyone who opposes their "party line" a "terrorist".

Fanatic or zealous muslims have their JIHADISTS sworn to fight and or kill those deemed heritics by their muslim leaders.

Fanatic or zealous Christians includes Roman Catholics jesuits who are sworn to kill those who oppose the pope and or the Catholic Church and their eddicts. Just as governments do.

The ORTHODOX JEWS have their Zionists which are just as fanatical and zealous as any terrorist.

Other religious organizations that are now or have been around in the past just as fanatical and just as zealous in their beliefs as any of the above and some more so.

My point is no matter what your group believes "YOU" can choose to follow them or you can be the "ONE"to follow.

Jesus - or - the "CHRIST" was such a "ONE" to follow if "ONE" chose to as his APOSTLES DID!

Why do you think that following the ways of Jesus - "CHRIST"is the "ONE" and shows the way to salvation?

Believing is only as good as doing!

Faith without works is dead!

Believing without works is dead!

Doing GODS will is not just believing it's doing overtly or covertly!

Acting is just as Important as believing!

Otherwise there is no point to living other than to be an observer in life and not a participant.

BUT acting is not so easy when it goes against the power structure

In the eyes of the majority Jesus - CHRIST was a subversive and could not be tolerated by those in power.

As long as war doesn't destroy civilization as we know it.Which by the way is intended to keep the worlds population down to what is considered a level by those in charge or should I say those we allow to be in charge by paying homage to the GOD we call money as we are all to willing to do anything for.Abandon your family,friends in deference to this false GOD we revere so much.


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