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Developing a Risk-Taking Mentality and Impacting the Heart of Society

Updated on June 1, 2017

Living a dynamic life teaches us that it is far wiser to take calculated risks than to sit back and play it safe. Moving forward means leaving the old stuff behind and venturing into the newness of life. However, if we stay in the safe zone and refuse to disconnect from our sameness, we will become stagnant and will also fail to reach our full potential.

Take Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States, for example. He took a dynamic risk by running for president. Barack didn’t allow the ideas that he was African American deter him from eventually becoming the first black president. His courage stands as an example of what it takes to follow what others might think of as an impossible dream.

However, elevated risk taking, such as running for president, is not some goal reserved for so called special people. Without risk taking, I doubt that there would be any heroes to inspire us. The good thing is that the door is open for you and me to take honorable risks every day.

All we need to do is look around us. In every area, society is calling for risk takers. Are you willing to be the person who leads the way? Several problems that need resolving exist in the heart of society. Some of these issues include:

  • Homelessness
  • Environmental issues
  • Chronic Unemployment
  • Educational inequality
  • Rising health cost
  • Immigration
  • Racial inequality

Standing up for a significant cause is an act of risk taking. The courage to stand up for the less fortunate is what make you and I stand up from the crowd. Very few people want to be the focal point of social change because they feel that they can’t live up to people’s expectations. However, that is where risk-taking comes in. If you are passionate about helping others, take the leap.

Former president Obama took the leap, even though there was no guarantee for success.

In life, you must make up your mind. Do you want to succumb to failure by choosing the road of ease and comfort or do you want to excel by choosing to travel on the highway to success? The choice is up to you.

Passion vs. Fear

Is your passion for your dream stronger than your fear of failure?

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If you make good risk-taking choices in life, you will be able to lead a quality existence. Chances are you will be financially secure, possess quality relationships, walk in great health and highly optimist about the future. Such is the ideal lifestyle and it takes courage to bring it into reality. Cowards have no such grace. Remarkable success and happiness is a result of people facing their fears and moving forward anyway.

If you desire to want to develop a calculated risk-taking mentality, you must be willing to choose something you are so passionate about that temporary failures are not enough to deter you from achieving your dream.

For example, if you wanted to clean up an oppressive neighborhood and create several outreach groups for the benefit of helping wayward youth to get on the right track. First, you must take a long look at the project and consider what it will take to bring such vision to reality. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I comfortable interacting with the people my neighborhood?
  • Can I without potential threats to me and my family from disgruntle gang members?
  • Do I have the time and energy to put into this project?
  • Am I willing to persuade enough of my neighbors to get on board?
  • Do I have the knowledge to seek the necessary resources to pay for this project? If not what can I do to get it?
  • I am committed to this cause strong enough regardless of what trials and tribulations I must endure?

If you answered the above questions you are on the path to becoming a genuine risk taker for society and humanity. You have considered the cons of such an undertaking. The pros speak for themselves: safe and prosperous neighborhoods, friendly and caring neighbors, welcoming community, and highly motivated youth for positive change.

Assessing Your Risk-Taking Readiness

Are You Ready to Become a Risk-Taker and influence society?

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Honorable risk-taking will take you to the top of your endeavor. Avoid the coward’s way out. Take hold of the mantle represented by your greatest hero. Not only dream a dream but unleash all the determination and courage within to achieve a significant dream.

Risk taking will enrich your life to the fullest, even after a thousand failures. With healthy risk-taking, you cannot lose. You must succeed. The universe fulfills its promise of promotion to all those who abandon their comfort zone and enter greatness.


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