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The River of Life Runs Deep

Updated on October 21, 2011

River of Life

The River Moves on

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On the River

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Waters Flow to the Gulf

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Waters of Life

The river of life runs long and it runs deep, a long way to travel before it can sleep,

It's born in high mountains, on a lofty peak, begins as a trickle, up there so steep.

Flowing down, it ribbons into deep blue pools, as colorful fish swim about in schools.

Rolling onward amid forests and brush, forward it goes, and there it moves in a rush.

The river of life no real boundaries it knows, overflowing its banks, by melting snows.

Down in the valley and on through the wood, beside tall trees, forever they've stood.

Across broad boulders and jagged rock, its waters all moving, with no time by a clock.

It passes by buildings, under bridges overhead, as old relics lay, amid sand in its bed.

The river runs onward, now silent and deep, beyond the limits of time that we keep.

Down toward the coastlines, further on South, the Gulf and beyond at its wide mouth.

The River of Life has run its true course, five hundred miles from the start of its source.

We are all given, our own journey of life, and a river of hope through out all of its strife.

The river runs deep and its waters are cold, it's been there forever, since times of old.

We've miles to travel till the end of the line, and like its broad waters, we follow in kind.

Down from the mountains to the valleys below, our life runs there, this for us, to know,

Our blessings so dear, that were given in trust, a life lived in harmony, in this, we must.


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