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The Road to Developing Intuition

Updated on November 18, 2012

Intuition Retreat

Develop your intuition and expand your psychic awareness with this complete home study course.
Develop your intuition and expand your psychic awareness with this complete home study course. | Source

Developing Higher Guidance and Spiritual Growth

There is something in all of us that develops into a drive to push us forward, while in the same instance, causes us to withdraw. Naturally, this is a conflict where both impulses compete for total control over our lives. This conflict is matter of will. How we direct its power has a direct effect on our lives. We are a product of our own will, whether we understand this or not. Intuition is a perception of what may become as a direct result of any given situation. Call it a gut feeling, even psychic ability. But, it remains that this ability is stronger in some than it is in others.

Obviously, it takes some practice to develop intuition from the standpoint of psychic ability. The self-mastery of projecting an intuitive power is a feat not easily performed. There are hurdles to overcome when beginning this path of intellectual development. Primarily, it's the power of concentration. However, this may only develop after consideration of the following factors:

  • a deficit in motor skills

  • a spontaneous and emotional mind

  • the untrained mind

It is here, with the help of guided imagery, or guided meditation, where the individual develops and overcomes the obstacles that stifle their intuitive powers.

Removing the Road Blocks for Developing Intuition

In consideration of the three road blocks mentioned above, the easiest to defeat is the last in the list: the untrained mind. Concentration developed through practice and more practice, systematically diminishes the impulsiveness and emotional detours that an untrained mind allows. Nevertheless, through guided sessions of intuition and higher guidance the individual will take charge of the imagination and begin to build their concentration levels to the preferred state. Albeit, intuition is a level of perception. It's feasible to reach a level of concentration that will take us into a realm where we gain an ability to see what has happened and what may happen. Nevertheless, the last factor of blockage is the motor centers. This is the most difficult to overcome because of the under development of the will power.

Substantially, developing will power is in direct proportion with the development of the concentration. Naturally, this development takes place through a guided session that permits the practice of focus, or concentration. Concentration then is the practice of following a line of reasoning, much like reading. However, with a guided session of intuition and higher guidance, the individual focuses on the imagery the language provides. Therefore, a practicing individual achieves the desired level of concentration for control of the will.

The Abilities Gained from Concentrated Effort

Intuition and perception, or psychic ability, are purely the strength of the individual’s mind. Therefore, with the aid of a meditation guide, the individual builds their powers of concentration by learning how to be attentive to his or her own thoughts, language, actions, and plans. Specifically speaking, it all begins with the practice of mind control with guided sessions of intuition and higher guidance.

Develop Your Intuition & Psychic Ability


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