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The Role Of The Benefactors Of Humanity In The Corona Epidemic

Updated on January 6, 2021

The Role Of The Benefactors Of Humanity

Hazrat Ali (AS) said that the value and respect of every person among the people is due to his skill. Some live for themselves but some people live. Those who live for others are special servants of Allah who by the grace of Allah. Dedicate yourself to the service of humanity. It has come to such an age that no one belongs to anyone, just the soul can be seen in every direction, everyone is lying on their own. It is a question of how this society and this country will move forward. The answer is that there are still some people who are living for others. The Indus Health Network is an organization dedicated to the service of humanity. Its CEO is Dr. Abdul Bari Khan. And if it is said that they are extraordinarily active in Pakistan, it would not be wrong to say that they appear somewhere day by day and in terms of human service, as if they have worked day and night for humanity. Surely this is a great thing they are doing. Otherwise, as I suggested at the outset, no one belongs at the moment. But despite this, some people have dedicated their lives. For the helpless, the compelled and the poor, therefore, whatever the circumstances, they seem to be doing their duty, in which they find immense relief. We see a lot of such special people in the Indus family. A few days ago, a news came to our notice that a great Messiah, Dr. Abdul Bari Khan, along with his great friends, is bringing a program for the miserable and helpless people in which The test will be developed to maintain the mental health of Corona patients and the general public through the Indus Health Network and other hospitals. The program was implemented in collaboration with IRD Pakistan, a healthcare and research organization. Indus has done a lot of work in the country to take care of the mental health of people affected by corona. Although the effects of corona on our physical health have been hotly debated, mental health and psychological well-being in terms of overall health and well-being. The issue of anxiety cannot be ignored. Covid-19 epidemic has exacerbated the mental health crisis in Pakistan, which necessitates making relief services as accessible as possible. Taking advantage of the skills and experience of the Soldiers of the Indus Health Network by the British Asian Trust, we aim to make a meaningful impact by changing societal attitudes towards this important topic by improving access to mental health services. It is globally recognized that the presence of Covid-19 is having a significant impact on mental health, especially in some parts of the world where mental health is considered unrecognizable and is funded. Uncertainty, anxiety, fear and loneliness caused by epidemics in such areas are having a devastating effect on people's mental health and well-being. We know that mental health services are provided in this extraordinary time. There is a great need to do so and we encourage the support we have received in our efforts to purposefully intervene in Covid-19 to have an impact on mental health. It should be noted that this step towards mental health is taken by Dr. Abdul Bari. Khan Indus Health Network's anti-virus disease prevention, screening and diagnosis, protection of doctors and other medical personnel fighting the epidemic, ensuring patient care and facilities provided to them and deserving members of society Are working tirelessly to ensure the provision of basic necessities of life. Indus is a state-of-the-art paperless computerized hospital providing quality medical services from which millions of patients are availing free medical facilities, programs to eradicate infectious diseases across the country under the Indus Health Network. Commendably, through global cooperation, research and development, the Indus Health Network is achieving its new goals in the public interest, which is welcome. The Indus Health Network (IHN) has been providing excellent and free treatment to millions of needy patients since 2007 through a network of hospitals across the country, which is commendable. Undoubtedly, the establishment of the Indus Health Network has brought about revolutionary changes in the field of public health in Pakistan. The network is also expanding its scope in the public interest so that more and more people can have access to medical services. Since the establishment of Indus Health Network, the number of patients who have benefited from free and quality treatment has exceeded millions. The services of the private sector in the fields of health and education are unforgettable. Indus Hospital has achieved a prominent position in the field of health due to the sincere efforts of its management. The Punjab government has handed over the management of 7 hospitals to Indus Network where better medical facilities are being provided to the patients free of cost. The network is raising awareness about malaria, tuberculosis and other diseases, as well as taking special measures to treat them. And now another masterpiece, the Indus Jubilee Town Hospital, a 600-bed hospital, will soon be completed. He is going to attend the service of the people. At Indus Hospital, every doctor, nurse, technician, and paramedical staff is committed to taking care of every person who walks through their door.


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