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The Role of Detox Drinks and Weight loss in Achieving Good Health

Updated on March 15, 2010

As far as weight matters are concerned, people will go to any lengths just to look good. From dieting to exercising, and from diet pills to surgery, anyone wishing to lose weight has a pool of options from which to choose. A hitherto unexploited weight loss area is where patients use detoxification drinks in a bid to try and lose weight. What therefore is the connection between detox drinks and weight loss?

There are quite a number of detox plans and diets that those with the desire to lose weight can employ to achieve their much-desired results. The lemon detox diet is an example to the large array of other detoxification plans that are on a steady rise, and which all claim to get rid of body toxins and normalize body weight. The thin line between detox drinks and weight loss is derived from the fact that water is a basic and primary component in the body metabolism of any living human being, and as such when other medicinal herbs linked with weight loss are added in the equation, a more effective and safer healthy weight loss option is born.

Living in the junk food era, with virtually insufficient nutrients in the food that people eat, toxins have taken over people’s bodies, and unless a steady plan is put in place, obesity and weight gain are bound to take center stage in people's lives leaving them literally incapacitated. Gravitated by the love for modeling and television, most people would want to have those nicely sculpted bodies but to be able to achieve such, and natural organic way of losing weight is required. Moreover, this now comes in the form of detox drinks.

A good detox drink should however contain minerals, vitamins, and natural herbs and forming part of a detox diet solution should not be started without the doctor's advice. Pregnant women and children are not allowed to take detox diets along with those suffering from kidney diseases. Tea is in itself considered a detox drink despite possessing traits of harmful caffeine as it creates a balance between the harmful and productive forces in people's bodies. However, for fat burning, the most effective teas are dandelion tea, herbal tea, peppermint, ginger, and green tea.

Natural detoxification drinks are essential for weight loss and for improving skin complexion. The relationship between detox drinks and weight loss is better confirmed by a story about Beyonce Knowles, a famous singer, who used the lemon cayenne pepper drink, which is a natural detox drink, to achieve a stunning figure that was required for her to star in a movie. Fruits too are sometimes used in making homemade juices. Such juices are quite rich in mineral nutrients that play a vital role in detoxification of the body and are as such highly recommended. A mixture of well-blended fruits used as an after meal juice is a sure way to detoxify the body and a right step towards achievement of that much longed for body.


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    • projectmaster profile image

      projectmaster 7 years ago

      fantastic article, however I do think such things like green drinks are vital in this day and age for great health its a alkaline drink that helps to balance the body PH levels