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The Season of Gratefulness

Updated on July 25, 2012

It’s time for the holiday season and the beautiful beginning of autumn. What a special time of year! The truth is that every single day that we can be thankful for what we have and who we are, is special.

Spring is usually my very favorite time of year because the earth is being reborn again, waking up from the slumber of the winter chill. I see autumn this year in a new light. It was my Mom’s favorite time of year and it’s starting to grow on me as well. I see the beauty in nature everywhere I look. The trees, tall in their strength and glorious in their cooling shade, slowly turn from emerald green to royal red, crisp brown and radiant yellow. The shade we welcomed in the summer now floats gently to the ground, to open the sky to our sight, unveiling the twinkling stars, the shining moon, full in its glow, reassuring us in its man-in-the-moon eternal smile.

The place my boyfriend and I live is high on a hill, in the woods, in the middle of our own peaceful tranquility, separate from the busy and scurried world. I see deer in my yard, grazing peacefully, unafraid of our presence. I welcome them and the wild turkeys we see gobbling their way up the yard. It is so very quiet here, we can hear wonders of nature. The huge, majestic crows fly so close, we can literally hear the “swoosh” of their wings. Even the tiny, multi-colored wings of the humming bird buzz as if in motion from a tiny built in motor. Most people never really even get the joy of hearing the simplest, yet the most beautiful examples of creation. Because of this tranquil haven, I have learned an even deeper awe of the perfection in of the world around me.


I am grateful this season to be blessed so deeply with such a loving man in my life. It’s because of him that I have experienced so many amazing days of peace, serenity, laughter, acceptance, patience and unconditional love.

I am grateful this season that I got the chance to spend seventeen months with my children in Arizona. It had been several years since I moved away. When I came back, they brought me such joy. They are grown men, strong men, each of them happy and content with their families. I was blessed because I got to know the loves of their life, the ladies that bring them such happiness. Their babies, my grandchildren, my precious grandchildren, bring me such joy! I have three beautiful grandbabies, even though my oldest is seven, I still call her my baby! I am so, so blessed that they love me and that we had the chance to laugh and play and love and spend time together. What precious days!

I am grateful this season that I have also gotten to spend time with my boyfriend’s daughter and her babies, (one of her babies is almost thirteen but he is still her baby!). It’s so good to be part of a family where I am accepted just as I am and where I can re-live the times with my grandbabies every time I get to see this part of my family!

I am grateful that my physical body is healing and getting stronger and healthier. It’s amazing how the power of the positive attitude can literally change entire lives! I see that working in my life. I have slowly but surely learned that the past is gone, it cannot be changed, the future isn’t here and we can only make it as positive as our thoughts when it gets here. Today is all we have; the present is all we have. That’s why they call it a gift!

The best, most peaceful thing we can do for our mind and our heart and literally our physical health is to take every single day, every hour, even every minute at a time. See the peacefulness in each moment that you can take a deep breath and slow your thoughts down to reflect on the goodness in each moment. Every single event that comes into our life is all given to us as a gift. There is beauty in all of it. Sometimes it takes a long time to see the goodness in it, but I can assure you that there is some good in even the situations we see as not-so-good.

This world is a world of opposites: there has to be a down in order to know what up is, there has to be darkness to see the light when it shines, there has to be hot to offset the cold. All of it is brought to us as a magnificent awareness, to experience who we really are, who we were meant to be from the time God had us in His mind as a sparkling thought to be brought into this life.

Everything has a reason for happening. There is total perfection in the middle of what we see as imperfection. It all has its meaning and purpose. We all have purpose. Every single life on this earth is valuable, precious, worthy, important and loved. That is how it was meant to be. My wish is that every person that reads this will realize that about themselves and their life experience. Think of all the things, people, places and happenings you can be grateful for in this season of gratitude, in every single day. The more positive your thoughts, the more positive your life becomes. Guaranteed. I know this from experience. It’s true, it really works!



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    • profile image

      Lene' Lynn 

      8 years ago

      aww thank you, sweetie! I love you, too!

    • profile image

      Son J 

      8 years ago

      Beautifully written Mom - I love it! Love the use of descriptive terms - well done!


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