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The Second Coming: Time Travel to a New Dimension

Updated on May 27, 2016

Project Time Travel


Do You Believe in God?

Do you believe in God?

I do. I was examining the state of the world, and especially the state of life here in the United States because that's where I live. Here in the United States, the most blessed country in the world, we are in an extremely sad state. What seems to be the driver behind the wheel is that so many people care about nothing sacred anymore, only care about making money, regardless of what they have to do, and being entertained: pleasure seeking.

Holy matrimony doesn't mean anything. People engage in the ritual and then just get divorced. Besides, few brides nowadays are virgins, so what's the difference. Illegitimate children are born just matter-of-factly. Even more sick, people of the same gender are getting married or, worse, people just desecrate their bodies by becoming transgender without a second thought.

In addition, people completely disrespect the sacredness of their bodies, which are the temples of the spirit (see Corinthians - Bible). The youth run around with tatoos and nose rings. Obesity seems to reign (people consuming too much food - mostly for pleasure, not nutrition). People risk their lives constantly: driving too quickly or socializing (including texting) when they should be concentrating; use of drugs and abuse of alcohol; and so many other things. Life doesn't mean anything and people are dropping dead like flies. As a result, hospitals are mobbed and people become ill. The result is medical research which, in order to accomplish, usually entails some type of dissection of humans, both alive and dead. How much further can be dissected? DNA isn't small enough?

I don't know what you might think, but in my opinion I don't think God is very happy. To me, it seems so evident that the Second Coming and a new reign of Holiness are imminent. We are going to pass into a new dimension.

Despite Everything

Regardless of developing extremely righteous beliefs, opinions and attitude over the course of my many years (I am now 62), I don't know about you but I was always terrified of death and dying. I was convinced by the works of Edgar Cayce that there was such a thing as reincarnation, yet that did not ease my fears. I like the body I have now. It's natural. And besides, I hated the thought of having to go through babyhood and school again.

Thinking back, in my own way I started working on the problem when I was just a kid. There was a competition going on between myself and my then best friend over which one of us was the most genius. He was extremely smart, but I was a year older. I had an advantage. Besides, I knew that to prove you really were a genius, you had to figure out something that no one else had ever figured out before. Not just repeat knowledge and information your older brothers told you. Well, my objective became to prove I was. So I put my mind to work, steadfast in the determination to figure out God.

I never gave up. During the course of my years, I lived through drug abuse (I smoked marijuana to an extreme extent, trying to reach a higher level of consciousness) and the stigma of being diagnosed as mentally ill. That didn't stop me. I took advantage of all of the years I was determined to be too ill to work, receiving a small government funded income, and spent my days wracking my brain.

Consciousness level-wise, I have achieved the level of God-consciousness. It took many, many years. But in order to resolve my problem (why did I have to die?), I knew I had to find God. While I was pushing my thoughts, of course there were some things I did not know, I also studied when I became stuck. After 35 years of thinking profoundly and studying, I consider myself a natural physicist. I don't have a formal degree, except for an Associate's Degree in law. I found God, anyway, and with His help I was able to piece together all of the parts of the puzzle that I had already figured out and published my theory: "Theory of Life Perpetuity - Theory of Physical Eternal Life."

Theory of Life Perpetuity - Theory of Physical Eternal Life

Perhaps Only a Physicist

I composed my theory in plain language, in order that anyone who believes in God and might have the same fear I had, could hopefully understand. Then, I thought, a theory is just a theory. A physicist might be able to apply the concepts I suggested, but that didn't help anyone else. I wanted to help people. So I sat down and wrote what I believe is the most important application: "Project Time Travel: A Beginner's Guide to Physical Eternal Life."

Project Time Travel: A Beginner's Guide to Physical Eternal Life

I Wish You Life!

My desperate financial condition has not changed since I found myself living below poverty level two years after I was diagnosed with mental illness. Although I am hoping you will find my books interesting enough to consider purchasing, from which I make pennies, by the way, more importantly maybe I'll be able to change the world and the lives the righteous people who still exist on the planet. I am sure there are many. I don't want to be alone after God makes His move.

I wish you life, first and most of all. Then I wish you serenity and happiness. God bless.

A New Rainbow



Well...I found God alright...had to sit on my tush till it was really really sore for trying to mouth the first few syllables of the Satanic Rituals (I thought it was stupid...I couldn't figure out where the Devil got so much stupid!)...but God said "You opened your mouth!" I was guilty. Nearly 48 hours rocking in a hard wood rocker...4 hours nap and potty breaks...WHEW...But the butt doesn't really get hurt...just sore enough so you learn your lesson.

Hope everyone is Happy and Healthy...hang in there...God is real...He's my best friend, since I was the one who played the part of Sentinel...I was only a kid when I promised...confirmed...about 13 years old. Still hangin in there myself...but life sure seems happier...don't it?????

Laughter is the best medicine in the battle of Army Get'em (Armagedon)...God knew we were all petrified...even if we did not consciously know so...

Will keep you posted. This hub...


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