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The Second Trimester Of Pregnancy

Updated on December 9, 2013

Pregnancy is a time when you have to think about yourself because it's not just you - there's another life growing inside of you. As the miracle of life unfolds within you, you need to be as informed as you can about what exactly is happening inside.

From Week 12 on, is the 2nd trimester of pregnancy and it is probably during this time that you will notice the extra pregnancy weight that you are putting on. This is the time when your pregnancy begins to show, first like a small bump and then, quickly growing so you will have to get new clothes. For many women, the second trimester is a welcome relief because this is when the nausea and vomiting stop. Yes, some will go on experiencing the nausea right through their pregnancy but these are the exceptions, not the rule. The sick feeling usually disappears after the first trimester and you begin to glow.


With the sudden gain of weight, you might want to know if it is all right to exercise while pregnant. It is – for most women. However, your gynecologist will be the best to tell you if you can and also to tell you how much of exercise is all right. This might also be the right time to start pregnancy classes so you know how to approach labour and also how to handle your pregnancy right through to the end.

This is also the time when pregnancy nutrition is very important. The baby starts growing at a tremendous pace during this trimester so you need to make sure that you and the baby are getting the best nutrition. Ask the gynecologist for a pregnancy diet sheet so you know what you are supposed to eat and how much of it.


For most mothers, this is the most wonderful trimester – after the nausea and before you become too ungainly. This is the time that you experience your baby’s movements for the first time and it is a wonderful experience. Sometime during this trimester is when the baby kicks for the first time.

Your stomach will stretch during this period and if you look after it, you can keep the skin elastic so you don’t have problems after your delivery. Use a rich cream every night and also after your shower. As your stomach begins to push out, you’ll find that your belly button changes shape too – don’t worry, everything goes back to the way it was after you have your baby if you take a little extra case now. You might also experience a bit of itching as the skin expands and a bit of cream usually sets the problem right.

Some women find it a problem to sleep during this trimester because of the hormonal changes. Talk to your doctor about it so he can prescribe something mild if the problem is bad. You can try and make the 2nd trimester of pregnancy much easier with a little bit of care.


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