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The Secret Formula for Happiness: How to Become Happy and Stay Happy

Updated on May 3, 2015

The Happy Child


Finding one’s inner childhood

Everyone wants to be happy, but then not everyone is happy. Most people will agree that as one grows older, happiness becomes more difficult to achieve. The reason behind this is no secret, because adults have more responsibilities and there seems to be an endless list of things to do. It is part of their duty to pay for rent, electricity, water, credit card bills while playing the role of father, mother, friend, brother, sister, boss or employee. Sometimes, wishing to go back in time only to play as kids or to worry about exams as students is the only possible escape for adults.

In reality, one cannot go back in time, but the formula for happiness consists in being a child. Being a child doesn’t mean that one has to be childish and throw tantrums. To find one’s inner childhood means being happy with simple things. Children become happy with toys, candies and chocolates. They are thrilled to see toy stores and bedtime stories can give a good night’s sleep.

Adults usually forget to appreciate the simple things and set a very high standard for happiness. Traveling with loved ones is just normal, but going around the world is real happiness for them. Owning a car is fine, but only driving a Porsche, Maserati or Ferrari will truly make them happy. To become happy, one has to start appreciating life’s little details like the morning sunshine, the nice weather or the fact that the alarm clock is working fine. Meeting friends and family while having one’s favorite dish should make the day.

Finding one’s inner child doesn’t mean that one has to give up bigger dreams. It simply means that one has to become grateful for the lessons, experiences and values along the way. It is often said that success is a journey, therefore, one cannot make success as a condition for happiness. Not being happy until one becomes very rich or not being happy until one gets promoted are only examples of putting conditions for happiness. The time of happiness is now, because it is great to experience the ups and downs of life. One has to embrace the journey, never smooth and perfect, but always enriching one’s life and experiences.

Invest in Eternals

relationships matter
relationships matter | Source

Temporal VS Eternal

Once happiness is achieved through simple things, staying happy becomes another challenge. What if the simple alarm clock breaks down and one becomes late for work? Work will be affected, but does this spell a bad day and maybe a hell week? The secret to staying happy is anchoring one’s happiness on eternal, not temporal things. Yes, one needs to appreciate the small things like alarm clocks, but one cannot solely depend on it for happiness. Temporal things do not last forever, and eventually they will get broken.

Things that one can touch, see, smell and taste are temporal. Therefore, one cannot put happiness wholeheartedly in them. Otherwise, a person stops being happy without cars, luxury bags, designer watches and money.

To stay happy, one has to look for something eternal like love, friendship, honor and ultimately, God. As human beings, people die but memories of love remain forever. In this lifetime, people lose loved ones, but love allows them to continue living a meaningful life. There are numerous examples of people who are inspired by the living memory of heroes, ancient poets, writers, architects and even their own ancestors. To live a happy life, one needs to value relationships more than material things. Temporal things can only give temporal happiness and the formula for staying happy is in the eternal.

Sample Priority Checklist

FOCUS on Eternal
favorite dish by mom
love that is used to make the dish
bracelet from special friend
expensive trips
memories of love from travels

Realistic Happiness

In reality, no one is perfect and so is life. Life can present simple to mind boggling problems. Staying happy does not mean one has to experience bliss all the time; it simply means embracing life’s ups and downs and staying positive. Realistically speaking, there is no 100% happiness all the time, but one can stay happy by accepting life’s challenges, being sport with wins and losses, and valuing experiences in the process.

Being mentally and emotionally strong is a challenge, and the secret is to find a source of strength greater than humanity. A person can have one’s husband, wife or children as inspirations, but there is no greater source of strength than God. Imagine having God as one’s backer, there is nothing impossible to achieve with Him! By simple logic, one can conclude that true happiness is found through eternal things, and most importantly, through an eternal Being, who is God. Though a person should value the eternal than the temporal, they should not forget to appreciate the simple things – temporal or not, in order to stay as a happy child forever.

Ways to Happiness: Check out how others find it and stick to it!

What is the most effective way to become happy and stay happy?

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