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The Secret Of Weight Loss

Updated on March 23, 2015

The agony of an overweight can only be understood by the one in the overburdened shoes. And I have been one of them. Post school I always had a tendency of putting on weight. I always felt that one bite of a delicious pastry added similar amount of mass to my body... funny but I felt that happening. Initially in my teens I wasn’t too worried about it as life at that time is careless and easy. But as days passed I started feeling the discomfort. I remember a time came when I stopped venturing into the changing rooms of malls as it meant a period of shame and helplessness when nothing fits you. You shed sweat while pulling up the one jeans that you found good up your waist and fail. Even if you do succeed the end result in the mirror in front was not what you wanted. During this phase there where some sudden burst of emotion that led me to hit the gym or maybe some outdoor activity or maybe some suggested diet routine but that would fizz out soon enough and I was back to where I was.

I read articles about not eating anything after 7 pm, articles that said do not consume anything that’s white in color after sunset, articles about 5 min express cardio exercises that would help in losing weight and many more. I don’t question most of them cause I tried many and I won’t deny that they don’t work but they didn’t work for me cause again the fizz didn’t last too long. I had spent more then a decade battling in my mind against overweight and nothing happened until my son was born. Becoming a father is a special feeling which cannot be compared to anything else and it becomes more special because of the responsibilities that it brings. You are responsible for the little bundle of joy whom you bought in this world and I realized my responsibility and I realized that I have to survive to do justice to the responsibility. I had found a motive and there was my true reaction against the action of overweight.

I had always been 85- 87 kgs during my overweight days considering that I am 176 cm tall but I was shocked one day to find that I was now 96 kgs. I still remember a guy standing behind me in the gym giggling after peeping at the weigh machine while I stood there shocked. Fortunately I had found the secret by then to lose weight… I had found a motive… I started rigorous cardio exercises, I didn’t cut down on my food intake but I became cautious of what and when I was eating. I did almost what the experts say but this time I didn’t let the fizz go away, as I had a motive. And in a span of 1 year I was weighing 78 kgs, yes I had done it. Everything changed after that, the mall experience had reversed and now I felt that an even a 10 minute jog actually pushed away extra unwanted mass from my body.

The point that I want to say in this piece is what the experts of weight loss say is true but while executing it there has to be a motive. The motive that has some emotional connect. The motive that will not let the fizz loose, and will drive you every day every hour to continue doing the thing. What the motive does is it bring your unconscious state to platform where you start thinking that positive. You start feeling that you are losing weight and the negativity that was their fades away making it an automated cycle of following a routine and thinking positive. And the result is weight loss. That’s my secret.


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      debu 2 years ago


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      Doll Basu 2 years ago

      Wow Abhishek Wonderful , superb....

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      naveen 2 years ago

      Nice said bro.

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      Abhishek 3 years ago from Indore

      thanks for reading...