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The Unknown Truths About Having Tourette Syndrome

Updated on June 13, 2016
Georges Gilles de la Toerette born in 1857 died in 1904. He was a French doctor and studied the syndrome which was later named after him in his honor.
Georges Gilles de la Toerette born in 1857 died in 1904. He was a French doctor and studied the syndrome which was later named after him in his honor. | Source

Now if you don’t already know what Tourette syndrome is let me just lay it all out. It a psychological occurrence in the brain that causes the person to involuntarily tic. A tic is a movement or muscle spasm that occurs in the body. Your ticks can range from coughing, sneezing, yelling, muscle tightening, to eye blinking. The key thing to understand and remember here is that they are involuntary.

Okay so since we laid that all our tics are not something that should be joked about. Tourette’s is a real thing, each person experiences it a different way and each person doesn’t have the same tic as the other but in the end that’s what makes us unique.


1. It Hurts

When you might think of Tourette’s disorder you might not think of pain. Honestly most people think that it is something that you can control. Depending on the tics you have they can be exhausting and end up giving you chronic pain. Some people are disabled by it so much that they aren’t able to walk meaning they would need assistance from a cane of wheelchair.

Tics like muscle tightening can happen throughout the whole day and in the end you become weak. Other tics can range from physically hurting yourself to tightening your rib cage ending up with bruises.


2. Just because we have Tourette's, it doesn't mean that we all curse

This form of Tourette’s is called Coprolalia. Whenever I tell someone that I have Tourette’s, which I’m honestly always fine with saying it, they automatically ask weather I curse. Or they say, “Oh that’s where you like curse a lot right dude”. No. Again not everyone with Tourette’s has this tic.


3. It's Emotionally Draining

Having to tell people every time they ask can be annoying especially if you are not comfortable telling them. Not only is this annoying but having people stare at you like you are something that came from Jupiter can be emotionally worse. It is like you would rather have them ask than just stare because staring leads to them assuming things about you that you might not have, be, or want.

But in the end the worst of the worst is having someone ask you to stop doing what you’re doing. Like no, that is like physically impossible!


4. We can hold in our tics but only for a certain amount of time.

Every time I go to a movie or a special event where I have to sit quietly in my seat without moving is always the worst. I hate it so much. Yes it’s true we can hold them in and with practice it can become a very long time till you can’t anymore but eventually you will burst. Holding our tics in is physically exhausting because you are doing something that your body doesn’t want you to do. Its like holding in a fart, that’s not fun!

5. There is No Cure

I guess this one isn’t really a secret unless you didn’t already know of course. Tourette syndrome is something that is incurable. Scientists and researchers are still looking; Tourette’s is a syndrome that is not looked at by society very much it has not yet been brought into light about how serious it is. This needs to change because we are suffering and can't escape ourselves.



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    • Happylovejoy profile image


      2 years ago from Singapore

      Light reading with a touch of humor. Maybe there is a misconception about the swearing because of the Deuce Bigalow Gigolo movie (where one of the characters involuntarily swears). Thanks for sharing a little insight into the condition.


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