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The Secret for Success

Updated on April 18, 2016

What the secret actually is?

Success, in other words can be called as a situation in a person's life in which he is fulfilled enough by his life and all his aims that he once have thought have become a reality. The secret for success is none other than the tips, guidance and advice given to a person so that he can work in a more professional way. These tips includes what to do, when to do and how to do?

However, there is nothing like a secret that people are unaware of, but the fact is, people even after knowing all the pros and cons don't follow certain rules in life that leads to, in a way, the loss and destruction to their life. Coming to the point, the secret of success is living a HEALTHY and HAPPY life.

How it looks like?

Healthy life is directly proportional to Happy life.
Healthy life is directly proportional to Happy life.

What is Exercise?

As we know that the secret for success is about a healthy and happy lifestyle, we must know how to obtain it. A healthy life can be obtained by any person and every person. It actually means giving the body the amount of physical stress that is required. However, it differs from person to person and body type to body type, but each one of us should work for a healthy body. There's an old saying "A SOUND MIND LIVES IN A SOUND BODY" which clearly explains its meaning, that is, for a healthy mind and good thinking and working capacity of the brain, the body should be fit enough.

In other words, giving the required amount of physical load to all the body parts could be called as exercising. It is a process that helps the person to stay fit, active and away from diseases. Exercising starts from a warm up of the body to the heavy weight depending on the body type and the need of the hour. For a person having a definite routine of the day, that is a service man or a student etc. exercises are different whereas for a person who wants to be a fitness model or preparing for some kind of physical fitness test, exercises are different.

Fitness Mantra

Jogging- Nothing but the Best
Jogging- Nothing but the Best

Major benefits of Exercise.

Exercise includes all types of physical activities such as running, jumping, weight lifting, rolling, stretching etc. but the most beneficial for the starters and over-weight persons is Jogging. It is a very light exercise which includes running at a very low speed so as to build up stamina and sweat at a higher rate. It is a boon for starters as it isn't heavy as well as causes a deep impact on the body. There are a plenty of good impacts on the body caused by exercising. some of them are as follows:

♦ Attractive and healthy Body : Exercising stretches the loose fat of the body and tightens it for a healthy and attractive body.

Less skin problems: For those who are fed up with using all kinds of skin products to make it look more bright, radiant, attractive and pimple free, here's a great tip, 'the more you sweat, the more u glow'. The pores present on our skin are covered by dead skin cells due to the regeneration of cells which leads to the clogging of skin pores and as a result, the skin becomes unable to breathe. Exercise leads to sweat which opens the clogged pores and makes the skin breathe which eventually becomes diseases free and radiant even without the use of any facial treatment.

Strong physique: The strength of the body increases gradually leading into a stronger physique and bold personality comparing to those who don't even want to move their body.

Good stamina and heart rate: Exercising involves a major role of breathing in which the inhale and exhale of air helps in building a good stamina and heart rate.

Less diseases: It's obvious that if a person is healthy, he would never have to face any kind of problems in his body such as joint pain, weakness and poor digestion.

♦ A longer life to live: Theory by many physical instructors and experience by many physical workers states that a person having a sound body which obviously he couldn't get through any kind of miracle rather than exercising has more life to live as compared to those who are lazy enough to drink even a glass of water by their own.

More eye-pleasing to the opposite gender: It's an old tradition that a person, either male or female wants to attract the person of other gender and tries a lot to create a deep impression. Buddy, there is no better ornament for a human being than a fit body. A person with a fit body is more likely to attract a person of another gender than a person who is fat enough that his biceps even have biceps, if you know what i mean.

♦ Reduce stress: Getting up early in the morning, having at least 6 hours of sleep, taking a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water helps in making the body healthy as well as removes the stress and sorrows of the life to a great extent.


Humans can't ignore, others, i can't say.
Humans can't ignore, others, i can't say.

Stupid excuses people make.

There's hardly any human on the entire earth who doesn't know the benefits of exercising but the question is- Do people really follow and stick to their knowledge about physical fitness and well being?

The answer is No, because each and every person is busy in their daily routine and can't find the time to exercise. That's right, everyone has a hectic schedule but it's not impossible either to find place and time to workout for the benefit of oneself. The fact is "NOBODY IN THIS WORLD IS BUSY, IT'S JUST A MATTER OF PRIORITIES".

Nowadays, people make stupid excuses to stay away from exercise resulting in decline of their health. People when asked why they don't exercise, they say-

we don't have time: Well, no person in this planet have a single spare second but the thing is, how can't you have time even for the benefit of yourself when the whole concept of wellness just means to make the people healthy.

• we aren't rich enough to go to gyms: Such people live and even die in the dilemma that going to gyms and buying expensive fitness products can make them healthy and fit whereas there is nothing fitness has to do with money, people can exercise without the gyms and expensive products. They just need proper guidance at right amount of time.

• we are still healthy: Healthy, haha !! No one could be healthy without exercising properly. some people who don't have loose or hanging body fat think that they are healthy. You don't have body fat, that's good but that doesn't mean you don't workout.

• we can't stop eating junk food, it's tasty: There's not even a single person alive that can say that junk food is not tasty. Obviously it's tasty but it is only the taste of tongue. People eat hot and spicy junk food even without chewing properly don't know that this kind of stuff can't be digested by the body which results in acidity at starting but can lead to obesity and even many other dangerous problems.

• we have to work to earn money: Earning money has nothing to do with fitness. No one can work with a declining health rate. it's better to start workout as soon as you realize it's the need of the hour otherwise let everything happen in the same manner as now and repent on it when you are completely unusable.

• we have to study: No teacher tells his students not to workout. If necessary enough, you can delay it to a certain extent to study but not like the way that you only keep postponing the fitness plan.

• we don't like to go out and sweat when we have enough money to keep ourselves in air conditioner the whole day: Having a luxurious lifestyle doesn't mean you can take themselves with you even after the death. it's better to start now than to cry on your mistakes later.

Another Excuse....huh!!

Poor Kitty.
Poor Kitty.

Moving towards the end.

Moving towards the end, it can be said that there's nothing better than exercise to make the body healthy. For someone who still doesn't want to start/continue exercise, don't do for yourself as there are many who don't care whether they are dead or alive but at least, do some workout for them who wants to see you healthy.

The secret for success is no more a secret now and has never been a secret, it was just the situations that made the people forget their knowledge of happy lifestyle.

At last, for a quick recall, the fitness mantra is:

→ Take a balanced diet which consists of all the nutrients that the body needs and avoid junk food.

→ Drink plenty of water everyday so that the harmful toxins can be removed from the body easily.

→ Wake up early and exercise daily to keep the body fit and active.

→ Give busy schedules some breaks so that the level of stress can be reduced to a certain extent.

Never feel bad, keep working hard.

Good Luck.
Good Luck.

Live a Healthy Life - Stay Happy, Stay Strong.


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