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The Shadow's position in Holistic healing; especially in terms of the Law of Attraction

Updated on October 14, 2013

Energy, the ego and the Soul

The Law of Attraction: There is more to it than most people understand.

I have spent years learning about the Law of Attraction. But in doing so, it has become crystal clear that there is another level to the Law of Attraction that most people fail to talk about. First of all, we in in the West tend to perceive the Law as something that brings us things in abundance---things such as material possessions, or even something such as health. We often overlook the grace of God bringing us lessons in learning to love and become higher in vibration as a result of spiritual growth and development. Second, we often fail to become aware of ourselves on all levels of our beings---levels that will release us from our Shadow self's tyranny.

The West has miscolored the Law.

I recently read a book by Robert Ohutto. He spoke of a story that made great sense to me right away. The long and the short of the story was that a woman who was adept at manifesting to her heart's content by using the Law of Attraction came to Robert for an intutive session. She had been diagnosed as pregnant with a Down's Syndrome baby. She was furious and she went to Robert to confirm that the diagnosis was wrong for she knew she would never manifest a sick or deformed child with her mindset or her skill level. Robert told her she was, indeed, carrying a Down's Syndrome child. She left Robert's office as angry as she arrived. Robert thought he would never see her again. Two years later she returned to Robert. She had a Down Syndrome child. She was still angry and baffled and her relationship with her husband was in bad shape. Her husband struggled with the child because his parents told him he would never amount to anything and the baby represented his inability as predicted by his parents---the baby mirrored all of the husband's insecurities.

Robert spoke to the couple. He said they had been given a special gift. The child was a Master Soul brought to the world to give the couple great compassion. The couple left again. Two months later they returned. They were amazed. They told Robert thank you. They admitted they were oblivious to the gift and now they got it.

Robert's message is that life comes to us in many forms. Sometimes we miss the point of that life. We must stretch our inner selves to encompass the Divine's great plan. We must believe that the Law of Attraction is not the only Law working in our lives. God's grace is a spiritual law that supercedes all laws. If we fail to see this, our practice will lack a major component of spiritual growth and development.

Our relationship with the Divine---whatever form or aspect---is imperative for our entire humanity. Take an atheist...atheists are in relationship with the Natural Laws of God. Are they then outside the Divine's love? Hardly. They just connect to life without the formality of deities, spirituality, religious ceremony. They connect instead to other life factors and all those factors are just components of God.

Robert's biggest point is that the West skews the Law of Attraction. The West is into consumption and all of its peoples come from a perspective that imagines in terms of capitalism and consumerism. Therefore the Law is only used to create things. Feelings, emotions, and inner work are overlooked and frequently put aside. This strips humanity of its greatest gifts.

The tyrrany of that part of us which we do not know.

Each of us has a shadow. It is what we do with that shadow that determines how our lives run. If we embrace every part of ourselves---even those parts which we consciously do not know---we grow and develop in alignment with the Divine's highest life purpose for the shadow. If we deny our shadow, we can suffer to the point of disease (or as New Agers say: dis-ease). We can even become a criminal in the most extreme situations.

The shadow is tricky and powerful. It does not like to annouce itself until its power rises to nearly "unstoppable" levels such as an anger management problem, a sex or substance abuse issue, or an illness, just to name a few.

Therefore, it behooves us to overcome our self-inflicted darkness, supression, and inner hunger or devastation. I recently learned that I have been dealing with some life patterns that have been in effect since grade school. I have been reliving these patterns throughout most of my life. I was amazed. I had been diligently pursuing a job and I was getting NOTHING---even more than nothing. I was going to job interviews and strange phenomena occurred. [That is beyond the scope of this email.] And I came upon many opportunities to exercise my Law of Attraction skills. But, the thing is, I never attracted anything in terms of money, jobs or other forms of income while I almost always attracted spiritually oriented things.

I hit my head against the wall numerous times. I got vindictive toward the Law so I lashed out with negativity, thereby provoking the wrath of what I perceived and felt the Law to REALLY be---bupkis. And then one day with the help of my friend's intuitive angel readings, I saw the underlying pattern which was plainly blocking me deep within my Shadow self.

This happens all the time. So if things aren't moving along with just our conscious efforts regarding the Law, we must stop and reassess our situations. More than likely we need to consult with our Soul and ask for Divine guidance about our Shadow and what it is telling us about our lifestyles, body and spiritual development. We must ask questions about the happenings in our lives. We must look deeper and be brave at eradicating the hidden blockages of energy. Otherwise we live under an inner government of tyranny. We act according to habit and ego. We are bad to ourselves and we are also bad to others quite frequently.

The ego protects and supports our Shadow Self.

Our egos are an important aspect of our spiritual growth and development. It plays the Devil's Advocate with our convictions regarding Self Love. It coaxes us. It prods us. It is helping us make firm decisions to grow up into our Highest Self---our God Self, ONE LOVE. We do not need to guess about our hearts. Our ego is a hidden trickster that shows us what we are made of. It is like a blood glucose meter testing our "blood levels" by demanding integrity in the admist of challenges and issues. It says, "How much do you REALLY love? Show me the money!"

If we learn to differentiate between our true heart and our ego, we become empowered. The ego will show us our Shadow. Our Shadow, by the way, should not be viewed as bad. It is merely a part of a person that has receded---because of lack, abuse, loveless behavior, etc. But left unchecked it can become malignant and out of control. It can become destructive behavior or even a disorder or disease. If one listens to the ego, the Shadow becomes recognizable and its issues can be resolved amiacably.

How is the ego the Trickster?

The ego can mask itself as a virtue. I recently spoke to a friend who was helping some people. She felt she was following her true heart. But, her help was a detriment to her own self. She put others before her own health. I explained that if people like Mother Therese, Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr. put others before themselves multitudes of people would have been untouched...many would have died or remained enslaved.

Furthermore, the ego can seem like something virtuous because it shows itself as a family trait---it was passed down from generation to generation and it seems right.

Most of all, the ego likes to change costumes so people don't immediately recognize its calling card.

We believe our thoughts are pure but our ego says otherwise...

Our egoic actions always tell us a deeper story of us. Our bodies continue to define the truth of who we are. Both our actions and our body reveal our Shadow Self. We must learn to pay attention from morning to night everyday of our life. Our Shadow has much to reveal.

We think our conscious minds are more powerful from our (unconscious) subconscious mind; but this is often not the case. Frequently our Shadow Self is creating strongholds of dark, penetrating and persistent thought. We stay lodged in inertia and we are confused and tormented as to why. The why is energetic and emotional. It can be karmic involving incarnational experiences that were never cleared/resolved.

Our conscious minds may appear to be positive, positive, positive while our emotional underbelly is one of suppressed stress, agony, and confusion. That underbelly will block all progress in the conscious world because the Law will tap the stronger energetic match. And in fact, when we begin to examine our thoughts further, we realize our positivism is nothing more than a pretty facade---a trompe l'oeil.

We have many energy bodies in which our ego/Shadow can hide.

There are multiple energy bodies in a human being---the etheric, mental, emotional, spiritual and several higher ones. The Shadow can manifest in any of these energy bodies and it can stop one's life from moving in consciously desired ways.

It is always good to go within one's self in a quiet, grounded manner and ask which areas one's life is blocked from. This may take a lot of practice. Outside thoughts and voices can spin around in one's mind and keep the answers from coming easily. Don't give up. I have challenges with this but I am persistent and compassionate. This is a must with inner work.

Last but not least...

Consider that God is our Highest Self. When we are fully sanctified, when we remember that we are the Love of God---the ONE LOVE of all that is, we have reached our true essence. It stands to reason, therefore, that if our Soul Contracts are about one thing and we use the Law of Attraction for something contrary to that contract, the object of our desire will not manifest or it will be challenging to manifest.

Our purpose is to align our desires with that Perfect, unconditional LOVE called Source.

By the same token, if we have karmic issues, genetic issues, negative strongholds (formerly called curses), or unsought love issues, we will not be able to manifest our heart's desires either.

The Shadow Self

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