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The Significance of Four In the Electric Dreamscape

Updated on January 16, 2016

The Significant Four in the Electric Dreamscape

Volume 7, Issue 12

January 16, 2016

The significance of the number four in every aspect of our lives and the mandala that Carl Jung spoke about and brought to the Western hemisphere long ago are numerous.

We shall start with the dream to wakefulness revealing the unconscious to the conscious state.

Then we go further with the circle or encircling of our own world, and the world within the world, the diamond shapes, or four walls of a cube, our home.

Our diagram within our world, starts to form and we enhance the colors with hues representing the magnificent natural elements of air, fire, water, and earth. Colors brought together and formed in the chemical elements in our atmosphere here on earth with Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Carbon. It then evolves into a shared use of the subatomic phenomena in modern physics which is gravity, electromagnetic energy, strong energy, and weak energies.

I go back and forth through my existence in my mind, and consider what I learn from those around me with the four natural existences or categories of being, which are in the natural world and they are: inanimate, the animal, the speaking, and the vegetative states.

As we or I develop and learn things in this lifetime, I develop my senses and commitments where religion and religion of people around are influencing the equation of my inner-self and the mandala that I visualize, it has four significant aspects of being, in the prominent aspects of numerology for example:

In Jewish Creation

The Torah basic levels of interpretation are pshat - literal, Remez - allusion, Drash – allegory, Sod and Secret. It also has four components Yod, Heh, Vav & Heh. It also represents four sons, four glasses of wine, four questions, four mitszot, maror, haggada, and four cups, and three matzot which became four. There is also four Jewish religious holidays Passover, Festival of Matza, Festival of Spring, and of course the Time of Freedom.

Yeshayahu in Jewish Creation and in Christian creation with the suggested in and out of biblical creation; there are four stages and they are alluded to in the verse of Isaiah 43:7, “all that is called by My Name,

  1. For My Glory
  2. I have created it,
  3. I have formed it,
  4. And I have made it.”

There are also four mothers of Israel and they are: Sarah, Rivka, Leah, and Rachel.

There are also for redemptions or burdens shared by the Egyptians they are:

  1. Sanctification and separation from bondage,
  2. Deliverance from plagues,
  3. Redemption with an outstretched arm,
  4. Completion with the taking you as one of my people and be your God.”

According to the Chazal, our sages, the number four signifies completion, wholeness, or fullness, and the four directions as North, South, East, and West; as spoken by the prophet and as is in current times today.

The number four also symbolizes diversity and the four directions independent of each other just like what is mentioned in the bible; I scatter them to the four winds, east, west, south, and north which are also the four directions. The mandala reflects our inner psyche and the lines in our mandala represent the mentioned.

The mandala and the universe have commonality where it is universalness or foursquaredness in symmetry and form. There are “four angels in the bible,” and “four corners of the earth.” The earth is a circle and within the circle are the four corners of the earth with symmetry and lines that form shapes of cubes, diamonds, and other symbolic meanings to our individual inner self.

Our inner self is revealed with the colors and hues we see and learn about and what we dream in our dreams. Carl Jung said the mandala is called a pattern of creation in classical Indian Sanskrit it is also called the pattern of creation. It also represents an organizational structure of life itself, as we see it, a cosmic diagram that reminds us of the infinite nature of celestial circles we call earth, the sun, and moon.

Other elements of the mandala that we incorporate and are significant in fours are the seasons of winter, spring, summer, and fall. We also dream and wake from unconscious to conscious in a day, hours, minutes, and in seconds. We visualize our world when we look at the sun, moon, earth, and heavens or stars when we look beyond our reality. Our Circle of life widens and our home represents a cube or diamond that expands into a kaleidoscope of beautiful colors and hues, where chemical and natural elements collide into bursts of diagrams that we see in our inner mind. Finally the mandala is our own inner self expressed in Art.


Jung, Carl, Memories, Dreams, and Reflections, (2015 free eBook)

Concerning mandala’s, Carl Jung

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