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High Blood Pressure- The Hidden Time Clock

Updated on November 19, 2012
It is important to get your blood pressure and heart monitored regularly.
It is important to get your blood pressure and heart monitored regularly. | Source

Take Your Blood Pressure Lately?

Deep with in the body

It's like a silent

Bomb that does not tick.

One could be

Walking around

One day,

Enjoying life,

Drinking coffee,

And eating well.


The nurse or doctor

Pumps up that

Cuff around the


Up to that certain




Like Emeril

presenting his


Cooked dish!

The evidence

Speaks for itself.

Time to make an

Adjustment for

Extending one's


Some new rules

To follow-

No more salty chips

No more large

Sodas or Coffee;

Go easy

On the carbs

And curtail too

Much of that Bubbly...

And Lose That

Extra 10 pounds...

This is how to start

A longer life

If that is what

You Anticipate!

Copyright @ 2012 CMCastro

What is Normal Blood Pressure?

Blood Pressure is a common measurement of the pressure in the arteries that lead blood away from the heart to the rest of the body. The systolic number, the number on the top represents the pressure in the arteries when the heart beats. And the diastolic number, the number on the bottom represents the pressure in the arteries when the heart is resting between heart beats.

Everyone has their own unique blood pressure range which changes with activity, position of the body, lifestyle and overall health and even it changes with age. Everyone over the age of twenty should get their blood pressure monitored at least every two years, if it is with in normal range.(As recommended by the American Heart Association). The average blood pressure of 120/80 is only a guideline. But the physician is the one to determine a concern for one's blood pressure, whether it be hypotensive, or too low, or if it be hypertensive, or too high, over a series of blood pressure readings during a course of time. Proper diet and exercise helps for a healthy heart. Lifestyle and emotional healthiness has an effect on blood pressure as well.

Keeping a diary of your symptoms, what you eat and what your blood pressure readings are is a good thing to do if there is a diagnosis of hypertension. For the person at risk for high cholesterol and heart condition and even diabetes, it is wise to be totally honest with your physician. That will influence how the M.D. will treat the condition.

It is amazing how weight loss can lead to normal blood pressure! What you eat and drink can effect the rest of your life especially if your heart is at risk. So enjoy healthy lifestyle now for a healthy heart in the future.

How To Take A Blood Pressure


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