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The Situation Workout DVD - Does it work?

Updated on July 8, 2011

6 Pack Abs - Now That's a Situation

Get 6 Pack Abs Like The "SItuation"
Get 6 Pack Abs Like The "SItuation" | Source

The Situation Workout DVD

The Situation Workout

Jersey Shore sensation, Mike the "Situation", know for his outlandish behavior and wildly popular washboard stomach is set to release his new workout DVD to the public. His recent brush with fame has inspired him to create a new revenue steam by sharing his secrets to good health and achieving a ripped physique.

What Can You Expect?

Mike the "Situation" is a self proclaimed gym rat, but believes that people can still have a 6 pack while maintaining balance in their fitness program. He admits to going to the gym at least 4 days a week, but 5 is optimal. In his short interview with US Magazine, the "Situation" confessed that getting a 6 pack is hard work, and requires people to be very discipline with their diet.

Mike's Advice To Get 6 Pack Abs

1. Go to the gym 5 days a week

2. Complete and Abdominal Routine every other day (even if it is not a gym day!)

- This routine should be completed in combination with the lower back muscles, because they are antagonistic muscle groups

- Sample: plank 25 seconds, followed by 10 reps of seated back extensions

3. Diet appropriately (every fit persons secret weapon!)

- As Mike puts it, do not eat candy or soda, avoid bread and anything else with high carbohydrate content when trying to achieve a 6 pack

- Eat healthy, organic, non-processed foods

- Try healthy substitutes for dairy products, like coconut milk

- Once you get to a decent level and your abdominal muscles are starting to show, you can get into a maintenance stage with your diet

What about the exercises?

Mike has been spotted on the set of Jersey Shore doing some pretty crazy abdominal exercises. Here are a few clips of exercises you may see on the DVD. Keep in mind that the best way to achieve a 6 pack is through hard work at the gym, but the most important factor is good nutrition, as Mike Admits in the clip at the end of this page! Check it out.

Here are the Vids

Hanging Leg Raise Modification

Upside Down Ab Routine

Take it from the "Situation" himself


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