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The Soul & Electric-Dreamscape

Updated on February 13, 2016

The Soul & Our Electric-Dreamscape

Volume 7, Issue 14

February 12, 2016

Is our soul and consciousness connected or separate? Are they the same? And what really is the Soul? Is the Soul connected to our unconscious? Is the soul separate and apart from our unconscious state of mind?

According to the Webster Dictionary the Soul is:

  • The spiritual part of a person that is believed to give life to the body and in many religions is believed to live forever.
  • A person’s deeply felt moral and emotional nature
  • The ability of a person to feel kindness and sympathy for others, to appreciate beauty and art, etc…

What is consciousness? The webster’s dictionary describes it as:

  • The condition of being conscious: the normal state of being awake and able to understanc what is happening around you.
  • A person’s mind and thoughts
  • Knowledge that is shared by a group of people

What is unconsciousness?

  • Not awake especially because of an injury. Drug, etc..
  • Not aware of something
  • Not intended or planned: Not consciously done.(

So reading and considering the above definition of the Soul we can easily declare that both the unconscious and conscious state of mind are interconnected with the Soul and they also could be separate and apart from each other.

An example of what I am talking about is the learned experiences and the electric dreamscape when they come together. It is very clear on how the relativity equation by Einstein is explained, and how our divine purpose of incorporeal desires makes a huge impact on the theory of relativity. It makes perfect sense. Our energy which is our belief system or symbolism is generated into a Mass in our minds eye, an orchestrated dream or electric dreamscape; then it has connectivity with the universe and goes on forever

We spoke about several things as we age we seem to drift more and closer to our incorporeal desires and wishes that it may be a result of our own lifetime coming closer to an end.

The trait that stands out in the electromagnetic vision during a near death experience is the critical desire after the experience and during the dreamscape is the pre-conceived desire to fulfill a divine purpose or a primary purpose.

Returning to the relativity equation and what is meant or revealed by Einstein (E=mc²) is Energy = Mass Connectivity times two square. The reasoning is simplified where transitive properties or matter is simply stabilized by light.

Carl Jung also described an instant when he witnessed the soul leave the body when it was still in an unconscious state and it was during a near death experience. Carl Jung describes the soul as a flow of light leaving the body. There are also numerous instances in every walk of life where they have stated the soul needs to escape and a window is left open so it could go to the actual destination it is purposed for. This also brings me to the conclusion that the soul is an interconnected energetic thing that can also put itself and manifest in inadamant objects because it is energy.

If we look at it in a manner that we did not perceive before it is the same with a dreamscape. A dreamscape is a collective energy an electromagnetic energy that masses together in our brain in a collective or connective state by our neurons and the plasticity of these neurons form the drama's in our minds eye. Our amazing brains perform incredible and amazing functions even when we sleep. Our neurons are an energy conductor that can move and atoms in our bodies.

This is what Einstein meant with Energy being connected or mass connectivity. It cannot be harnessed, we are unable to anticipate or hold it in any one spot or place, even if we wanted to. An example, some people see apparitions, the apparitions are energies that we do not understand, and they have attached themselves to an object, (because it moved its energy there) or something here on earth that their spirit which is energy cannot leave out of this physical and spiritual world. The objects are something in their natural lifetime that they were fond of and desired it. They are things material things where energy can still live in.

Further studies and proof of my two theories in these articles are the fact that our cognitive functions are electromagnetic impulses that our brains and body performs within our own spheres our body and minds. They are unseen and some are un-defined where the functions are fluctuations of a dynamic source vibrational and progressive as it plays out with patterns in our minds eye and makes a reality of a dream an unconscious dreamscape where both the unconscious mind and the conscious mind meet and play out dramas.

For the most part this incorporeal purpose is something that is far engrained in the individuals psyche something that transcends beyond their own understanding.

Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung perceived these interpretations as a mirror of oneself. The hidden unconscious self and the conscious self. Both are two different archetypes one being manifest content of dreams and remembering it upon waking from a dream. The other being Latent content that is hidden and an unconscious or symbolic meaning that is seen or felt while in an unconscious or dreamscape. (Freud, Sigmund, (1920) Manifest Dreams content and Latent dreams content and thoughts, NY, Bali and Livermont)

The interpretations were ways to step into other realms of existence or supernatural realms and they would and could be discerned by the party who is immediately engaged in the dreamscape or the person experiencing the vision.


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