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The Soul of A Massage Therapist

Updated on April 19, 2015

The Love of Massage Therapist

Good afternoon, today my thoughts are on Massage Therapist and the vast communities that we reach, I will title this piece The Soul of a Massage Therapist, so often Massage Therapist give and nurture a persons aching body at the expense of our own to some degree and yet some people take their Massage Therapist for granted, Showing up to appointments late, trying to get a massage for next to nothing or trying to book in last possible minute like it a drive through fast food chain and expecting a complete combo! Some one say Fries with the shake! Please!

The worst possible disrespect is the potential for clients and Corporations trying to cheapen the skills and services of what Massage Therapist provide. Deep Tissue, Structural, Shiatsu, Myofascial Release etc. All of these modalities utilize an abundant amount of kilo joules!

Massage Therapist truly take risks when it comes to providing a therapeutic touch to our clients, from Rota-tor Cuff Injuries, Carpal Tunnel,Lower Lumbar Sprains etc. These injuries can be minimized through proper body mechanics, good nutrition and much needed rest!

However, there will eventually be a physical break down, like that of a new car that finally becomes retired from the road after several miles have been accumulated regardless of the investment of maintenance.

The fact that Massage Therapist pay for their own medical coverage, cost of product and educational expenses etc., are just some of the reasons why Massage Sessions can seem quite costly, this profession is still on a strong momentum in changing the false perceptions of Massage Therapist being sexual servants accompanied with Happy Endings.

In conclusion, Massage Therapist go through a plethora of challenges just to help individuals maintain some quality of life from ailments that of Fibromyalgia, Stress, Greater Range of Motion and More! We are truly engaged in our communities, Helping the Teacher, Hospice Care Facilities, Cancer Patients, Infants, Grand Mothers/Fathers and Veterans, the list can go on....When you visit a Massage Therapist be appreciative of them and know the great depths they go through to help you. A smile goes along way but a heart of compassion last an eternity.

Massage Therapist can truly give their all and you will know so if you hear them in a Coffee House asking their Batista, Can I please get a Tensor Fasciae Latae! Drink up!

Tamiko Newton, L.M.T

© 2015 sugarwallz7777


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